Nyanian Massacre

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The Nyanian Massacre was a massacre of unarmed delegates to the so-called "Gateway Convention on the Division and Reserving of New Land" on January 1st, 2020, by Nyanian military personnel.


In late December 2019, Mejackmac of Nyania called a convention to be held in his country with the purported purpose of ensuring an orderly division of newly discovered lands amongst the preexisting nations of Elgeis, and requested the presence of delegates from across the world. In this spirit of international cooperation, President catcherzw and Secretary of State thepolg of Schevakia, along with dozens of delegates from other countries flocked to Nyania to ensure a peaceful expansion. The convention itself was chaotic and acrimonious, with the delegates unable to come to any binding agreements and a great deal of verbal conflict. After all Vailish attendees of the convention were recalled to Vailan by King Vetous for unclear reasons, the convention seemed to have concluded and most delegates began to disperse.


President Catcherzw of Schevakia had left the convention early due to other commitments, so at the conclusion of the convention thepolg departed from the Nyanian courthouse alone. After briefly greeting his old friend MiksaSerbia near the entrance to the tunnel leading to the Nyanian NELT, thepolg turned to leave, upon which he was unprovokedly and unexpectedly shot to death by DragonTek21 of Nyania, who took advantage of thepolg's weak armor and lack of a weapon (specifically mandated by the Nyanian hosts) to murder him.


DragonTek21 was rapidly indicted by the Schevakian Supreme court, and is currently awaiting trial.