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The Confederated Schevakian Alliance (CSA) was a nation in the Schevakian region of Tierra del Fuego. Formed during the CSA rebellion of April 2020, the CSA was the first nation to secede from Schevakia and was once the largest and most populous of the several Schevakian splinter states. Comprised of the former eastern Schevakian states of Polgolas and Melaconia as well as a small strip of former Yugoslav land, the legitimacy of the CSA and nearly all of its land was contested by the People's Republik of Schevakia, while the land of Southern Polgolas was contested by Black Hand terrorist organization. The CSA was a regional power in Tierra del Fuego and played a central role in the Balkan Troubles. It was eventually reincorporated into the reformed Schevakian Empire.


The CSA was formed in the wee hours of April 21st, 2020 in response to Schevakian President catcherzw authorizing an occupation of Yugoslavia without the approval of the Schevakian Senate. Having previously impeached catcherzw for a similar offense and frustrated with his countrymen's nonchalant attitude towards constitutional violations, along with a built up sense of grievance over the President's disregard for the law and massively disproportionate consumption of communal resources, Polgolan Senator thepolg decided he would rather break off to form his own country than continue to be the bad cop in a society of indifferent and often hostile citizens.

When forming the borders of his secession movement, thepolg deliberately excluded the southern portion of his own state, perceiving its inhabitants as unwilling to "live in a society". This would be the source of significant resentment from these residents (Kaleidoeyes127 and NNDimethyltrip), who felt abandoned by their Senator. Realizing that leaving out this portion of his home state left him with an unviably small country, thepolg approached Melaconian Senator Mr_Waffles17 and requested he join the rebellion. Waffles declined due to having no idea what was happening, but thepolg proceeded to claim the state of Melaconia for the CSA anyways. Ambrosian Senator The_Brunt was very sympathetic to the cause of the rebellion, but decided along with thepolg that it would be wisest for him to remain in Schevakia as a moderating influence and to prevent a catastrophic collapse of the country (this occurred anyway).

Period art depicting thepolg leading the CSA rebellion, supported by, from left to right, Schevakian dissident SgtKickYourAss, Doctor_Hound of Fianna, and FlyingGMM of Montrose

Thepolg was ultimately joined in his rebellion by a potpourri of the seedier elements of Schevakian society, whose motives ranged from anti-corruption sentiment to historic grievances with catcherzw to general anti-government and pro-"boogaloo" sentiment to confusion. This combination of individuals and goals had a formative effect on the mixed and chaotic culture of the CSA, as well as the confrontational nature of many of its members. Thepolg soon unexpectedly found himself to be the primary voice of moderation in a sea of belligerent citizens.

The CSA decided to operate based on the Schevakian constitution as believed to have been intended by its founders. SgtKickYourAss was elected as President of the CSA the day of its founding, and still holds this position today.

The CSA's rebellion had broad international support, including from most of Schevakia's allies. Sylvia, Fianna, Ozai, and Goomlandia backed the CSA from its inception, although Sylvia later generalized its support to all Schevakian splinter states after the country collapsed in its entirety, and Goomlandian support became much more tepid after the realization that they were backing the same country as their Sylvian rivals.

On the first night of the CSA's existence, founding member Banksy007 erected a massive, unsightly wall through the middle of the Schevakian capital city of Schenektengrad, separating the CSA claimed Wards 4 and 5 from Wards 2 and 3. Parts of this wall are still standing, although its shape has been altered significantly by the construction of fortifications by other Schevakian splinter states (particularly the PRS), as well as the Balkan Federation's Sack of Schenektengrad.

Balkan Troubles

(Main article: Balkan Troubles)

The CSA rebellion is widely viewed as initiating the beginning of the Schevakian half of the Balkan Troubles (the Yugoslavian half began either a few hours prior with the breakup of Yugoslavia, or a few days prior with the Nyanian Exodus from the Nyan Banate of Yugoslavia, according to various interpretations). The secession of the CSA began a domino effect in Schevakia, which ultimately splintered into 6 separate nations, with other Sche people migrating overseas during the chaos.

While Old Schevakia never officially disputed the CSA secession, Mr_Waffles17 started the Melaconian Liberation Front, aiming for Melaconian independence from the CSA. This rebellion was short-lived, however, and Waffles proceeded to stage a coup against the Old Schevakian government and declare himself ruler of all of Schevakia (calling his government the People's Republik of Schevakia (PRS)), disputing the CSA's claims and legitimacy in this capacity. Throughout the Balkan Troubles, there has been and ebb and flow of control of disputed land between the CSA and the PRS, particularly in Ward 4 of Schenektengrad. The CSA/PRS conflict is further complicated by the fact that significant parts of the CSA populace have expressed pro-PRS sentiment, admiring Waffles's populist rhetoric and "big dick energy".

The CSA has sustained large amounts of damage throughout the Balkan Troubles, first from disaffected residents of South Polgolas (later Satama) who damaged the CSA capital of Swamptown and portions of Wards 4 and 5 of Schenektengrad in response to the initial secession.

Despite political and ideological differences, the CSA supported the PRS's claim to the province of Ilyrdom in an attempt to "keep Schevakian lands in Schevakian hands" after the Balkan Federation (which included the very anti-CSA Satamans) annexed it. In retaliation for this support, the CSA was targeted along with each of the other Schevakian splinter states (other than Satama) when the Balkan Federation sacked Schenektengrad in anger after making peace and relinquishing their claim to Ilyrdom. Numerous CSA structures in Wards 4 and 5 were fully or partially destroyed, including thepolg's house and the iconic WARD FIVE sign, both of which were completely annihilated. The CSA capital of Swamptown was mostly destroyed. Most of this damage has gone unrepaired.

CSA forces, primarily General of the CSA Army Banksy007, formed a key contingent of the Schevakian bloc which fought back against the Federation in the Great Balkan War. Following the war and clashes with the Black Hand terrorist group, Banksy007 became frustrated with the restrictions of international law and the expectation for him to follow etiquette that his enemies did not. Banksy proceeded to leave the CSA and form his own affiliated paramilitary, the Fuerza de Elgeis Liberacion Nacional (FELN).

In the aftermath of the destructive and demoralizing events of the Balkan Troubles, the CSA found itself set back economically, technologically, and geopolitically, having lost most of its resources and much of its strategic advantage over its fellow splinter states, and several of its citizens to inactivity. However, the CSA eventually recovered, developing north and central Polgolas and becoming food secure for the first time in history as part of the CSA Agricultural Revolution initiative. Foreign aid proved critical in enabling this recovery.