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SgtKickYourAss is a Schevakian politician and activist who is currently serving as the first President of the Confederated Schevakian Alliance (CSA). He is known for his prolific creation of propaganda in promoting causes he supports and condemning those he disproves of, as well as his outspoken and often militant perspectives on geopolitics. His political views and positions have been characterized as "based" by observers.

Early Life

SgtKickYourAss was born into the second generation of Schevakians on January 25th, 2020. He settled in the swamps of west-central Polgolas, founding the settlement of Swamptown. From there he engaged in small-scale mining, farming and fishing operations that came to define the central-Polgolan economy. Located halfway between the major Schevakian population centers of Schenektengrad and Schavick, Swamptown developed and maintained a distinctly rural character, this Swamptownian culture defined by its independence from the major Schevakian centers of power had a formative effect on the young Sgt's political ideology.

Political Career

Old Schevakia

Given his cultural background, Sgt developed anti-government views early on, and of the Schevakian populace he was the most vocally against both the urban Schevakian elite in general and the Presidency of catcherzw in particular. Within Old Schevakia he was known as a political dissident who operated largely independently, and he had declared himself as a candidate for President in the second Schevakian election, hoping to upend the political status quo with support from his Polgolan base. However, the election never occurred due to the collapse of the Schevakian state.

Fall of Schevakia and the Balkan Troubles

Having long harbored anti-elite and pro-"boogaloo" sentiments, Sgt was an early supporter of the CSA rebellion that started in response to government corruption and violation of democratic processes. Soon after the CSA seceded, Sgt was unanimously elected President by his compatriots.

As President, Sgt is credited with leading his nation intact through both its tumultuous initial secession as well as the massively destructive Great Balkan War and the larger era of Balkan Troubles. Although he was physically absent for much of each conflict, he played a critical role in keeping the morale of his people up through a steady stream of propaganda. In the post-war era, Sgt has come under criticism from some quarters for his small-government style and lack of initiative, and has presided over a dramatic decline in population and geopolitical significance of the country he leads, although some contend that this decline was inevitable. Sgt is widely considered to be the greatest President in the history of the CSA.

Personal Life

An unapologetic zealot for causes he believes in, SgtKickYourAss has strained relations with many who have harmed his country and people or whose views differ from his. In his free time, Sgt enjoys fishing in the Polgolan swamp, making memes, antagonizing his former countryman Banksy007, and blurring the line between meta and in-game.