Nyanian Diaspora

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The Nyanian Diaspora refers to the the dispersion of ethnic Nyanians out of their ancestral northern homeland of Greater Nyania (including the former nations of Nyania, Watergate and Feeblia) and their subsequent settlement across other parts of Elgeis.


Nyanians first appeared as an ethno-cultural group in Elgeis in late November of 2019, and formed the nation of Nyania in the northern art of the world. During its relatively brief existence, the country was heavily populated but fairly undeveloped outside of its capital of Gateway City. Nyanians, while unorganized and generally poor, comprised one of the larger ethnic groups in Elgeis in early 2020. In its heyday, Nyania had a somewhat significant geopolitical presence, occupying a large swath of northern land and even hosting an international conference. In this era, the Nyanian population was socially and culturally cohesive, despite most of them having limited political agency and suffering from incompetent governance.


The chaotic and blundering leadership of Nyania under mejackmac would ultimately lead to the destruction of the Nyanian state in the Fenno-Nyanian war on January 12th, 2020, which created a large population of newly-stateless Nyanian refugees. Following this, some Nyanians fled to Yugoslavia, while the majority (including Mejackmac) regrouped in the northeast and formed the nation of Watergate. Watergate, however, almost immediately found itself suffering from the exact same issues of governmental corruption and mismanagement as Nyania had, leading to yet another conflict with Fianna. Following this, CrabulonBestGirl fled to form Feeblia, while mejackmac himself was exiled and joined Vanskovich, and others fled to Goomlandia. In early February, the day after it was looted by an angry mob in the aftermath of the BIC Occupation of Goomtown, Watergate disbanded and its members joined Vanskovich. They were soon followed to Vanskovich by the population of Feeblia

After the death of mejackmac and a long period of stagnation, the Vanskian-Nyan population migrated to Yugoslavia, where they joined a previous wave of Nyanian immigrants in the newly designated Nyan Banate. This degree of autonomy ultimately hindered the cultural integration of the Nyanian population into Yugoslavia, and some of the Nyan became frustrated with their minority status and lack of agency within Yugoslavia, which was further exacerbated by the ongoing stagnation of Yugoslavia at large. On April 19th, KrabulonBestGirl departed Yugoslavia to form the new nation of Krabbatoah, near the historic Nyanian heartland in the north. Krab was soon joined by the rest of the population of the Banate, causing a demographic and political shock in Yugoslavia, marking the beginning of the breakup of the country, and by extension setting in motion the Balkan Troubles.

After the formation of Krabbatoah, the global Nyan population migrated to it 'en masse', effectively resulting in Krabbatoah becoming the Nyanian ethno-state that political leaders and observers across Elgeis had long yearned for.

Present Day

After the rest of the country went inactive, KrabulonBestGirl would disband Krabbatoah and move to Vailan. Outside of Krabbatoah, significant Nyanian populations remain in Goomlandia.