Gateway Convention

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Map after the meeting, orange represents the protected land

The Gateway Convention was a meeting for all nations of Elgeis to discuss the world border expansion and prevent overcolonisation. The convention was hosted on January 1st in the Nyanian capital of Gateway, having been organised by mejackmac.

The countries that took part were Nyania(the host), Schevakia, Vailan, Goomlandia, Sylvia, Kovska, and Fianna. Lasting one hour, the meeting took place in the Courthouse of Gateway. After a long discussion, all participants agreed to not claim the land marked on the map below. After everyone had agreed on the map, the convention came to a close. As the delegates were leaving, though, a conflict broke out between some delegates and Nyanian security, leading to the infamous Nyanian Massacre. This was the first blow to the legitimacy of the convention and Nyania. The very next day, Nyania itself indulged in needless expansion and claimed land all the way to the northern border; whilst this was not technically a breach of the terms, it destroyed any credibility they had left as maintainers of the status quo. As a result, all nations gave up on the idea of keeping land free for new players and started claiming without any qualms, assuming that others would do so as well.

Meeting message in World news