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Not to be confused with the nation of Sylthiem.

Formed on February 24, 2019, the Sylvian Union was a political union originally meant to encompass all of Sylvia, at that time the "western continent", although subsequent map expansions have made this distinction more of a region than a distinct landmass.

Colloquially, the Union itself was called "Sylvia", although this semi-misnomer has lead to confusion. The Union was formed in response to the Eastern consolidation of power resulting from the merger of Goomlandia and Voidnest into Goomnest. The Sylvian Union was comprised of four component nations at its height, treated administratively as provinces: HUM, Montrose, Rhett, and Voidnest (who seceded from Goomnest and later joined the SU).

The Sylvian Union also held exclusive influence over a satellite state named Banapo, who was protected and funded by the Sylvian Union in exchange for Banapo only taking international action with the Sylvian Union's approval.

On 8/21/20, Voidnest peacefully seceded from the Sylvian Union.

On 12/27/20, the Sylvian Union voted to dissolve.


All facets of the Sylvian government were bound by a document known as the Sylvian Charter. This document lays out responsibilities and limitations of various roles of the Sylvian government.

The Sylvian government had a unicameral legislature made up of two delegates from each constituent state/province. Among other duties which are outlined in the Charter, including approving various international actions, this body appointed and recalled the Consul, who acted as the executive head of the Sylvian government.

The parliament also elects an individual known as Keeper to serve in office until recalled, although this is not mandated by the Charter. The position holds ownership of the in-game faction and Discord server and ensures smooth transition between consulships.

  • The last Consul of the Sylvian Union: AbstractEgg.
  • The last Keeper of the Sylvian Union: tagtag.

The final delegates in the Sylvian Parliament were as follows:

These delegates are appointed by the Viceroys of each constituent nation, who act as autonomous governors/leaders of their "province". These Viceroys, and their respective cultural titles, are listed below:

The Consul may delegate their powers in a specific area to a Commissioner. These positions were sometimes temporary, often in the case of supervising a specific project, or could be permanent. The final tally of appointed Commissioners were: