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This article is on the national personification of the Sylvian Union. If you are looking for the government itself, refer to Sylvian Union.

Mommy Sylvia is an Lady Liberty-esque national personification adopted officially by the Sylvian Union by unanimous Parliamentary vote on October 8th, 2019. She is the first non-player national personification to be formally adopted by any country in Elgeis.

The motion to adopt the personification was introduced by Header of Montrose and Sylvian Founder FlyingGMM, who stated thus: "I would like to propose that we make our national personification 'Mommy Sylvia', who is a big tiddy mommy milky gf. Ideally, an artwork portraying her will be created soon." The motion was swiftly passed, with fervent support from all current delegates, including HUM delegates ClapYoThighs and hongstoes, Montrose delegates Argetlam04 and EightZero, Rhett delegates AbstractEgg and Pheonix_Fire123, and Voidnest delegates boboismissing and PlasmaMintz.

Boboismissing offered to use her artistic talents to draw up the personification, and soon thereafter a black-and-white depiction was sent to the Sylvian discord (see left). A colorized version was created later, better showing the bra/bikini top as the Sylvian Union's flag.