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Some of the debut memes which camaradultudor used to popularize the use of the term "Montrosian World Order" or MWO.

MWO, or Montrosian World Order is a term first employed by camaradultudor of Ozai on 7/13/2022 to condemn international organizations such as the West Sea Confederation, West Sea Security Pact, and others as means for Montrose to enforce its own interests on issues spanning the world. Originally, the term was used in relation to the Emeraldian-Ozan War, where Montrose heavily defended overseas WSSP member Emeraldia against Ozan occupation of their claimed territory while Emeraldian forces barely, if at all, showed up ingame to assist. In camaradultudor's own words when being questioned about the term's meaning and validity, he asserted these organizations which he saw as predominantly influenced by Montrose, were "a coalition of rampant inactive weak nations held up together by Montrose and even then in a daring and pathetic attempt at maintaining so called 'peace' which is truly what you see to fit with your agenda."

Perspectives as to the validity of this label vary - Montrosians such as FlyingGMM have stated "believing that such a thing exists is the peak of [camaradultudor's] insanity arc", and that "the term implies that the WSSP is only an extension of Montrose and that the small countries of the West Sea banding behind us is 'interventionism' and the 'Montrosian world order'". In response to these comments, CreeperColder of Grove Tribe added a caveat: "[the WSSP is] a bloc that is coordinated, lead and primarily given its power by Montrose", with Taming Ocelots adding that "the WSSP was founded first and foremost as a vehicle for smaller countries to protect themselves from ozai by using Montrose as a deterrent... [and] would not exist if it didn’t have Montrose in it."

Since the term's inception, it has been used to decry Montrosian intervention in numerous situations with varying degrees of earnestness/sarcasm and varying definitions of what the "MWO" entails, if anything at all. As of 2/25/2023, the term "MWO" has been used 470 times across the main discord and ingame chats - roughly an average of 67 times a month, or slightly over twice a day. The widest definitions of the term include organizations like the International Board of World Heritage, while narrower definitions limit the definition to only include the West Sea Security Pact and, possibly, the West Sea Confederation.