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The E-Eviction was a multitude of events that led to Endossi leaving Montrose and Burger being reversed to normality. On April 12th 2021, camaradultudor reported Endossi to the Montrosian authorities for breaking multiple laws, In early April Endossi began to consider leaving Montrose. He eventually chose Fauxford, but during his final days as a Montrosian camaradultudor reported Endossi to the Montrosian authorities for breaking multiple laws, camaradultudor quickly notified FlyingGMM of Endossi leaving Montrose and joining FauxFord, and soon afterwards, camaradultudor was given permission to remove the Burger wall.


After camaradultudor received the news from FlyingGMM, he rushed to announce it publicly and mobilize Trolling Inc. to tear down the Burger wall, which proved to be problematic. After publicly announcing it however, a wide cheer of support came from the community, which mobilized together and logged on to aid camaradultudor and Trolling Inc. in tearing down the wall. The nations that participated in this were Vastilis, Syltheim, Montrose, kaab, Goomlandia, HUM and Wooklandia. Each nation brought its on materials in order to stop the waterlogged stairs from creating the mess that Burger was, as Endossi did not care about removing the waterlogged stairs, that remaining to Trolling Inc. shareholders and the other people aiding. The process of removing water source blocks was also assisted by Grooge64's generous loan of sponges.

camaradultudor announcing that Endossi does not own Burger anymore and that he will tear down the wall

Cheer of support

As for the people who could not attend this event, such as Banksy007, they moved into the political discussion channel, where they expressed their support for these events. Endossi would also engage in conflicts with people arguing against him and insulting him, further ruining his public reputation.

The End. Go Home

At the end, all of the nations and Trolling Inc. managed to tear down the Burger wall. camaradultudor announced this event in mc-world-news, and with this, everybody went home and continued their life, now being happy to know that Burger is safe.

camaradultudor announcing that the Burger wall has been removed, and thanking everybody who participated in this