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Burger Bomb (stylized BurgerBomb™️) was an act of trolling committed against Endossi. The main part of the event took place on March 31, 2021, however, some small amounts of trolling occurred on April 1, 2021 as well.

The Beginning

ENDOSSI. Map Art, created by StonkseleksI and Saashin on March 31, 2021.

The first thing that would lead to the eventual Burger Bomb was an announcement by FlyingGMM in #mc-world-news on March 31, 2021. In this announcement, he described how Endossi was a suspect for stealing from Vailan; however, after further investigation, it became clear that the actions that made him look suspicious were just jokes and he actually did not commit the crime. Towards the end of the announcement, FlyingGMM stated the following: "What will be done to Endossi, if anything, is yet to be determined, but as Header I would not mind if a miniscule amount of tomfoolery were to befall him". It was this sentence that sparked the beginning of Burger Bomb.

Since many people had negative views of Endossi when this announcement was released, many scrambled to come up with plans on how to troll him. Argetlam04 decided to assemble a Discord Group DM with the sole purpose of trolling Endossi. The members of this group were argetlam04 himself, as well as Banksy007, camaradultudor, Chipt, coblue, goomyman77, Grooge64, MithicSpirit, Saashin, and StonkseleksI. Not all members would end up participating in Burger Bomb.

The Main Event

Burger Bomb started with two main ideas: egg Burger and plaster it with map art. The team split up into a few groups; MithicSpirit gathered 28 shulker boxes full of eggs from his farm in Iskallia, Saashin and StonkseleksI modified their trollface mapart and added the "ENDOSSI." headline to it, and camaradultudor, coblue, and argetlam04 went to Burger to begin placing map art and egging. After around twenty minutes, the 28 shulkers of eggs were delivered to Burger, and the ENDOSSI. map art was complete. MithicSpirit was unable to participate any longer, but the rest of the team, now all at Burger, began filling the front wall in front of the structure with "ENDOSSI." and "We do a little trolling" map art. They also began to egg exterior of Burger. A few minutes into egging, an unclaimed entrance into Burger was found, and so the inside of Burger began to be egged as well.

Argetlam04 Trapped

Despite the unclaimed entry, some people decided to use chorus fruit to break into Burger instead. While this was a generally safe method, argetlam04 met great misfortune and teleported into a claimed cave underneath burger. There he remained until coblue made a trip for more chorus fruit and teleported himself down there, where they both struggled to escape for the next several minutes, eventually finding an unclaimed cave and making their escape.

Reinforcements Arrive

Chipt, while being in the group chat, only joined the party later on, encouraging the usage of the egg farm in his nearby old house. logbtw, finding out the group was at Burger purely through the in-game chat, showed up and wordlessly began egging Burger with them, as well as making two flaming netherrack penises.

Endossi Arrives

Endossi joins the game. The group panics, telling everyone to crouch so he can't see the nametags. He states, "I don't like redstone... thats all" and left the game. Rejoins, says "it stinky", leaves once more. On the third join, he noticed StonkseleksI just outside his wall, despite others of the group being closer to him. He asks if StonkseleksI was there to kill him and began to stand up dogs. Finally, he realizes the rest of the group's existence; Saashin, camaradultudor, and coblue, in that order, were the ones he noted being there. He asked the group to leave and they did not.

The Dogs

While realizing the entire posse at his doorstep, the dogs he stood up were attacking many of the eggers because many dogs had been accidentally hit while throwing eggs. This caused them to instantly attack the nearest egger. Due to the very large numbers of them and the tight space in the tunnel, it became near impossible to escape. This led to the Burger Bomb group fighting back instead of running. Endossi, likely upon seeing these logs, said to get out, and that they were "killing innocent wolfs". This did not stop the killing of said dogs and he did not sit them until a couple minutes later. Endossi directly attacked several of the Burger Bomb group with his melee weapons, not just his dogs, all the while saying that they had griefed his base and that they should go. Eventually argetlam04 said "gabe authorized", leading Endossi to finally open world news - only to read the wrong post and still think they were attacking without any sort of warrant.

The Announcement, End of Trolling

The #mc-kinda-news post that allowed the Burger Bomb to go unpunished.

The Burger Bomb group dispersed and went home, or at least far from Burger, and logged off, taking part in the conversations in political discussion. A #mc-kinda-news post by Abstacious freed them from consequences and the trolling was a great success. Endossi claimed that sitting dogs had been killed, but the consensus was that no one had killed a sitting dog.

The Amogus and Praada Incident

On April 1st, 2021, someone continued in the trolling, building woolen statues of among us crewmates all around burger's walls. This is widely suspected to be the doing of camaradultudor.

Later that day, the Praada incident occured. This began when Saashin asked coblue if he could purchase some Praada. Seeing this is an opportunity to troll, coblue also offered it to Endossi who enthusiastically bought a set. The three met at Burger for a "Praada Party" a few minutes later. Coblue and Saashin pretended to put on Praada, and Endossi actually did, not realizing that it was actually Curse of Binding armor that had been hidden with /sr hideflags. Endossi was not too upset, but was forced to jump from a high place in order to take the armor off.