Wohlstandian Revolution

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The Wohlstandian Revolution was a nationalist insurrection by ethnic Wohlstandians within the Schevakian Empire against the Imperial Government, which laid claim to and administered the historically Wohlstandian islands of Járn Saari and Northbay. The Revolution lasted for most of September 2020 into October, before falling apart due to Wohlstandian internal divisions.


In July of 2020, Wohlstandian leadership perceived their country, at that time the Third Kingdom of Wohlstand, to be in a state of decline, in large part as a result of the absence of their primary cultural architect, Bowilla. In response to these conditions, Wohlstandian King OhOkayy made the decision (which was perplexing to many) to burn down the large Wohlstandian fleet and destroy most of their buildings. Soon after, he announced the formal disbandment of Wohlstand.

In the days following the dissolution of Wohlstand, both OhOkayy and fellow countryman Duguntho entered into a variety of negotiations with foreigners on several subjects. OhOkayy separately approached Ambrosian leader The_Brunt and CSA Senator thepolg with proposals of incorporating the Wohlstandian populace (which had turned themselves into refugees) into their respective countries. Simultaneously, Duguntho began publicly auctioning off his large fortress complex on the island of Northbay to the highest bidder. CSA Senator Polg was initially extremely enthusiastic regarding Wohlstandian incorporation, as the addition of Wohlstand to the CSA would allow him to use the acronym "CSAW" (pronounced see-saw), which had been a longstanding dream of his, as well as giving the CSA the "clout" of an overseas possession. His enthusiasm was rapidly diminished when OhOkayy balked at the concept of CSA claiming the Wohlstandian Islands because of his distrust of CSA leaders.

Polg dropped out of incorporation negotiations with Duguntho once he began auctioning off his fortress to the highest bidder, which to Polg showed a deep flaw of character and in combination with his negotiation experience proved to him that Duguntho was shifty and not to be trusted. He instead threw the entire weight of the CSA economy behind his efforts to purchase Duguntho's fort, in order to prevent it from falling into the hands of the notoriously fickle Vailander MiksaSerbia, whose acquisition of the fort Polg viewed as impulsive colonialism and northern encroachment on already scarce southern lands. The CSA economy, however, was no match for MiksaSerbia's independent wealth and Miksa rapidly outbid thepolg, despite Polg's personal appeals to Duguntho to conserve southern lands. Miksa was ultimately convinced to not claim the fortress thanks to the mediation of Vailic King Flashy10, but deep seeds of distrust were already sown between many Schevakians and the Wohlstandians.

Ambrosian leader The_Brunt, always the most trusting of the Schevakian political elite, did not share his CSA counterpart's suspicion, and nonchalantly invited both OhOkayy and Duguntho to settle in Northern Ambrosia. This decision caused an uproar throughout each of the other Schevakian Nations, which vehemently opposed to resettlement of foreigners in Schevakian lands and viewed Brunt's move as a reckless and irresponsible betrayal of the Sche people. This sentiment would become a primary catalyst for the formation of the Schevakian National Party.

Even within Ambrosia, tensions simmered between The_Brunt and his new Wohlstandian subjects as they failed to adhere to his building codes, building larger stone cities where he had urged them to build small settlements that fit in with the surrounding natural landscape. For their part, the Wohlstandians accused Brunt of political and economic oppression, and of having dictatorial tendencies.


In early September, Bowilla returned to Elgeis, having previously been exiled from Wohlstand by his countrymen. Hoping to create a new Wohlstand reinvigorated by the presence of Bowilla, OhOkayy and Duguntho prepared to leave Ambrosia,(something the_Brunt felt betrayed and abandoned by) being reinvigorated by the chance of a new Wohlstand. Before they could do this, however, the Schevakian splinter states unexpectedly reunited into one Schevakian Empire, in response to the recent reunification of rival Yugoslavia to the east. In reunification, newly crowned Emperor Mr_Waffles17 claimed the Wohlstandian Isles for the Empire, planning to forcibly relocate the Wohlstandians to their historic homeland (where they would be ruled as Imperial subjects, as part of a "civilizing" mission) and achieve ethnic purity in mainland Schevakia.

The Wohlstandians rejected these plans, and while OhOkayy and Duguntho left Ambrosia for the Wohlstandian Isles, they did not accept imperial control over these lands. OhOkayy founded the Fourth Kingdom of Wohlstand on the Járn Saari with himself as King.

Following the Wohlstandian Declaration of Independence, the Schevakian Imperial army made landfall in the Járn Saari to assert control over the rebellious province, planting Schevakian flags and staging the customary photo-ops. The Wohlstandian took down these flags, and Bowilla composed a patriotic ballad: "Wohlstand is Free", immortalizing the Wohlstandian struggle and cultural pride. The Schevakian Empire composed an anti-Wohlstandian song in response, although much of the lyrics wound up insulting wayward Schevakian Banksy007 instead of the purported subjects of the song. Recording difficulties and the unrelated collapse of the revolution meant that the Schevakian ballad was never released.

Duguntho formed his own independent Northbayan state on the Island of Northbay, which like the Járn Saari was in a state of rebellion against the Empire. He accused Imperial authorities of slaying over 12 million Northbayan villagers, and demanded reparations for said genocide. Soon after, he left this Northbayan state to join the larger Wohlstandian Kingdom, promptly announcing his abolition of "a dangerous iron golem cult" in Wohlstand. On that same day, Bowilla announced his departure from Wohlstand, stating that he was "personally unable to find comradery and bond with her people". The exit of Bowilla is widely regarded as the beginning of the end for the revolution and hopes of an independent Wohlstandian Kingdom, as he was widely regarded as the cultural leader of his people and critical to keeping their morale up.

Days after Bowilla's emigration, OhOkayy exiled Duguntho from Wohlstand, claiming that he had made "several mentions of secession and mentions of bombing Schevakia". For his part, Duguntho denied the allegations, accusing OhOkayy of willfully misinterpreting a facetious remark.

Finding himself to be a King of a disputed land with no subjects, on October 3rd OhOkayy announced that he would be disbanding Wohlstand and joining Montrose, bringing the Wohlstandian Revolution to a formal close.


The Wohlstandian revolution is noted for occurring without violence and almost no griefing, with the war being fought largely through words and works of art, along with strategic military operations and construction of forts and cultural symbols, most notably the Wohlstandian trees which were planted by revolutionaries across their islands, which become powerful symbols of the Wohlstandian culture and struggle for independence. The only known instance of griefing was Duguntho's burying of the Schevakian ship FloopySloop on the Polgolan coast, including covering it in insulting signs. This was nevertheless a much more peaceful and preferable act of griefing in contrast to the damage perpetuated by other more erratic actors in conflicts such as the Balkan Troubles.

Today the Wohlstandian Isles are uncontested territory of the Schevakian Empire, and the remaining Wohlstandian civilians live as Imperial subjects. Former King OhOkayy lives on his estate in Montrose, while Bowilla is a nomad traveling the world. The whereabouts of Duguntho are unknown.