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Note: This wiki page is in reference to the Duguntho who was active throughout 2020. For the original, older, Duguntho, please visit here.


On May 2, 2020, Duguntho joined Elgeis through an invite from ThePoptartTARDIS. As FlyingGMM used to go by Duguntho, this came as a surprise to many. To explain the situation shortly, FlyingGMM had changed his username out of Duguntho many months prior and ThePoptartTARDIS renamed his spare Minecraft account to Duguntho as a meme and later given it to his friend. After Duguntho's ban, the account has been re-secured by ThePoptartTARDIS as him and Duguntho are no longer friends.


After many warnings for toxicity and generally making other players uncomfortable, Duguntho was banned on February 4, 2021. This was a posthumous ban of sorts as Duguntho had gone inactive for months at this point and had no intentions of returning. The main reasoning behind this decision was that new information had surfaced about some things he said and did during his active time on Elgeis which was not allowed; this on top of the pile of warnings and concerns he received from the community had made his ban the only logical choice.



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