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Brief Summary

Tautona is a four-leveled underground bunker and former state which was a satellite of Sylvia. Today, Tautaona is part of the East Taiga, a region of HUM in Sylvia. The nation of Tautona and the bunker itself was founded by coolnut10. Before the border expansion, Tautona was the southernmost and easternmost nation for some time.



The state of Tautona was founded on October 19th, 2019, about one week after the first construction of the bunker. Tautona was created as a second attempt to New Mesa, in a more secure and desirable location for completing the New Mesa Project. The bunker itself is constantly under construction. The first rooms were completed from October 15, 2019, to October 21, 2019.

Middle Period

The middle period represents the period of growth & development in Tautona from it's creation to joining HUM. During this period Tautona was officially allied to Goomlandia. Aside from growth to the base and accumulation of wealth, parts of the NELT that connect to Tautona, Yugoslavia, Schevakia, Northern Areas of the East Taiga, Rhett, and Rapture were all created by Tautona in this period. Tautona also conducted a worldwide wealth survey in which it was concluded that the top 1% of the world controls 30% of all diamonds with the median number of diamond blocks at about 6. Finally, the Tautonan government was involved in the construction of Rapture.

Modern Period

The modern period refers to the period after Tautona joined HUM. In this period, Tautona expanded even further underground, but Tautona's status as a political entity was over. In this period, former Tautonan, coolnut10 worked closely with Imakoopatroopa as co-directors of the East Taiga. After Imakoopatroopa's departure from the server, coolnut10 became the Director of the East Taiga. Some buildings have also been constructed on the surface of East Tiaga during this period.