Second Naadic War

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Second Naadic War/Shrimpleton War (3/19/2023 - 3/22/2023)

Four days after the First Naadic War was over, Nolan decided to voice chat with Wohlstand about some land he wanted that they refused to sell him. He wanted it badly enough that he declared war on "Wholstand" and accused a Wohl of calling him "gay". He then faction claimed the area and was advised through DMs by Mitomon to stand down as RSV would not defend him due to their alliance being only defensive in nature. Nolan said that it would be fine. Nyania then announced their support for their ally Wohlstand and both nations launched an assault on the nation now referred to by the defenders as "Shrimpleton". Thirty minutes later Nolan DM'd Mitomon asking him to "call in RSV" to help Shremmelton. Mitomon declined as Nolan had created this mess himself but announced he would be open to being a mediator between both parties. Mitomon once again advised Nolan to reconsider the war and Nolan doubled down by saying, "I will not back down."

After another Wohl/Nyanian allied raid, both Shrems (Nolan and AliveSnow) were killed. Snow then denounced Nolan's actions in order to join Redstone Valley. This was permitted as he claimed to only want to build things to make the server a better place and said he was a very experienced redstoner.

The next day, Nolan announced he had killed Nyanians Mejackmac and Dragontek21 and that he had griefed both Wohlstand and Nyania in retaliation for them blowing open his bunker.

Up to this point, the Treaty Nolan had signed from the First Naadic War was technically unbroken as he had not attacked Redstone Valley. However, soon after it was discovered that Nolan had send AliveSnowTMH as a spy to Redstone Valley to gather intelligence through the ally chats which he used to escape Nyania and Wohlstand, TNT which he used to grief them, and to siphon other war materials like tridents, potions, and golden apples. Since Nolan had actively sought to destabilize the nation, he was found in violation of the Treaty of San Francisco and war preparations began in RSV once more.

This all culminated the next day as Wohls, Nyanians, Shaxians, and Mitomon guarded Nolan's new bunker location in Naador for more than 24 hours as they had found his exact logout location. The spy and traitor AliveSnow had been imprisoned in a nearby crying obsidian fort made by Mitomon during the previous war after he had tried to break into Nolan's fort to free him and help him fight. He claimed a creeper had made the explosion as he didn't know creeper explosions are turned off in the server. Snow had repeatedly ignored many requests to leave the area and had not even built anything in RSV, so his motivations at this point were very clear. A video was later released to explain the situation and all of Snow and Nolan's crimes. Mitomon himself was on-site for the last twelve hours of the stakeout and combat tagged Nolan with an arrow the instant he joined the server. He along with Dragontek fought and popped Nolan's totems(that AliveSnowTMH had given him from RSV's stock) until he ran away into a tunnel underground. Mitomon and dragon then blasted the tunnel open with TNT with Nolan fleeing to the surface. Mitomon left and was replaced by bluedude who made the killing blow on Nolan after he had towered up with cobblestone.

The war ended with Shremmelton being disbanded as they had broken the treaty with the land going back to Redstone Valley. Given the alarming levels of conflict in the area during such a short period of time, Mitomon thought it best to simply wait and not do anything with the land so that tension in the area could cool down. Despite multiple clarifications that the land was only being occupied and would not be annexed by Redstone Valley, multiple parties still claimed this action to be a land grab by RSV and involved themselves politically despite not knowing anything about the region or its treaties. Less than twelve hours later, Paarm decided to call out Mitomon in world news for not giving Naador the land that used to belong to Shremmelton. Two days later he did it again and purposefully increased political hostilities in an attempt to force RSV to give him the land, eliminating him as a candidate to receive the land.

Meanwhile, AliveSnowTMH broke free from prison, an act that was publicly supported by a few Ozans and other anti-RSV Elgeisers.