Great Mesa

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The Great Mesa is the largest and oldest mesa biome on Elgeis. Historically, its western part has served as the cradle of the "Eastern" culture of Elgeis, having given birth to nations such as Goomlandia and Bagelonia.


The Great Mesa can be divided into five geographically distinct parts. To the north is the area owned by Goomlandia and formerly Richard. The heritage of these nations shows clearly, as the region is dotted with spawners, experimental buildings and other constructions of industrious nature, most notably a huge woolen portrait of Goomyman77 himself.

South of it lie the areas belonging to the Grove Tribe. Several plateaus here are notably lusher than their surroundings, owing to the restorative efforts of the tribe's druids to revitalise the land. Small, simple villages and religious sites of the tribe are scattered throughout the countryside, with the only speck of civilisation being the city of Grand Mesa in the south.

Further downwards from Grand Mesa and into the sea lie disparate islands and an overseas mesa peninsula. These have changed hands innumerable times but never formed the core of a nation, and show various unfinished buildings and abandoned projects.

West of the tribal mesa, Goomlandia and ToeGANG hold to the coastal mesa south of the great bay leading to Goomtown. Displaying a mixture of ToeGANG and Goomlandian culture, this area contains quite a few nice builds.

Finally, the area that was formerly the heart of Bagelonia is now controlled by Fianna, who have added their own large-scale projects to the remnants and ruins disconnected from the rest of the biome.