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Coblue joined in late-2019, with plans to join Sylvia. He eventually decided to join Voidnest.

There, he invited several friends: Sophinky, ottodude555, DoctorWhomstve, and Justice4Bruce26.

Coblue remained in Voidnest for several months, becoming the leader for a while until he took a break somewhere in the middle. He returned to build cob castle and bring about a minor industrial revolution in Voidnest. Around this time, he also started a joint End materials business with MTJNC, BAN (Bust A Nut) End Services.

the grey sanctum

In August 2020, coblue suggested secession to the then current leader of Voidnest, PlasmaMintz. After a week of planning, the new faction was created and claimed, and a world-news announcement was made. They had neglected a part of the Sylvian constitution that forced a vote to be made in Sylvian parliament for their secession, which passed anyway. Not long after Voidnest’s secession, coblue left Voidnest to wander the world.



It was during this time that he built the Stradovan Grove, something that was used in their lore. Tired of a nomadic life, coblue searched for a place to settle down. He found himself in Hybrasil, a part of Jugoslavija, who had an isolationist policy at the time. Unaware, coblue decided to peek around and eventually found himself stealing a few stacks of prismarine bricks from the several double chests beneath. He later died and asked for the aid of a Jugoslavian, Chipt I, who put two and two together, catching coblue red-handed. coblue returned all stolen items and confessed, and was given a three-month travel and trade ban from Jugoslavija, as well as a fee of 40 diamonds.


Coblue went on to form kaab, a small nation south of Cascadia, originally characterized by the massive wall that defines its borders. coblue organized an alliance with Jugoslavija, symbolizing their healing and starting a long-standing relationship with their people. Now, coblue spends his days working on the city and country of kaab, developing the outer, inner, and under-cities of the country. On September 15, 2021, coblue finished the kaabanese kalendar, a mapart-scale calendar built in the west sea. On January 4th, 2022, coblue moved to overclaim the territory of Voidnest from Goomlandia, declaring "down with the goomlandian occupation of voidnest! their tyrannical reign comes to and end!" Immediately, he moved to tear down the wall surrounding Voidmouth, repairing buildings and replanting trees affected by the wall's former presence. Coblue was asked to pay 65 diamonds for his actions, as well as to unclaim the land. Coblue obliged, with the only stipulation being that the wall not be rebuilt, which has been upheld by Goomlandia to this day.

coblue's house in outer kaab