Kaabanese kalendar

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The art created for the calendar, which was then built ingame.

The kaabanese kalendar system was developed by coblue, was construction of it in the West Sea was finished on September 15th, 2021. The kalendar was built to work as both mapart and physical build. The build could not have been completed without the help of several people who donated materials, notably MasterInventor, Habit_Cat, StonkseleksI, and Terranelm.


The kalendar is based off of the ingame lunar cycle, with days, weeks, months, and years. Years are typically split into two nine-month halves. Shorthand is in the day/month/year format. All time before the day of the calendar's ingame completion is in negative notation (10/1/21 would be approx. -16/4/1.5).

Conversion table
One day/night cycle Eight days Four weeks Nine months Two half-years
One day One week One month Half-year One Year
The kaabanese kalendar is finally completed.