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WOOKLANDIA'S DIRTY SECRET is the third released issue of These People Suck, also known as TPS, which is a book series by coblue. This issue of TPS has gluesniffer69 announcing news from Wooklandia about disturbing secrets hidden within.


Today we have disturbing news regarding the player known as camaradultudor. Earlier this afternoon, he made a severe lapse in judgement and appears to have exposed his private Wooklandian slave trade, by saying "there is a new slave in the ring". Within seconds of him saying this, he immediately attempted to take back the statement and claim it was false. However, the damage had already been done. TPS sent an investigation team to Wooklandia, and what we found was shocking. Upon entrance we came across large neon coloured stripes of concrete. At first we were confused about this, but our experts told us that the purpose of this was to hypnotize the slaves so they wouldn't be able to escape. Going further into Wooklandia, our team found clear evidence of a secret rail system that was intended to transport slaves to and from the holding facility. Upon inspection, we also found very inhumane conditions in the holding facility. It has also been exposed that camaradultudor was found in MetaMechaBunny's basement. We believe this is where he is slaves prior to their transportation to Wooklandia. We at TPS do not condone any sort of slavery, and are deeply disturbed by this information about camaradultudor. Will he stop this madness? Stay tuned for further updates.