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CAPTIN'S TOWERS OF BOMBSHELL is the fourth released issue of These People Suck also known as TPS, which is a book series by coblue. This issue of TPS has UnpaidIntern123 uncovering Captin_Roman's devious doings.


TPS continues with exposing the dirty secrets of important people— today we return with another crazy article. Our journalistic team has discovered that Captin_Roman, co-leader of Goomlandia, has been constructing TOBs and secretly using them as bunkers, preparing for a international invasion of every nation close to a TOB. Upon physical inspection, this turned out to be a sad truth. During this so called physical investigation, we have discovered that every under TOB that we have visited, that is the Polaris, Stradovan, Fjall and gang Tower of Babels contain a secret obsidian bunker. Inside of these so called bunkers, there is a chest filled with TNT. What could this mean? For now, Captin_Roman continues denying the fact that he is a criminal, and continues to construct TOBs with a secret meaning. Until then, one of our interns has been sued by Captin_Roman for so called slander, in a poor attempt to censor the press and hide the facts from the population. Is Mr. Roman planning to invade the entire world? Is Goomlandia about to conquer the entire world? Only time will tell.