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NEW MONTROSIAN PRISON BROKEN? is the second released issue of These People Suck, also known as TPS, which is a book series by coblue. It explains the findings of XxSniper420xX as they inspect the new Montrosian prison which was made for ThePoptartTARDIS.


There has been recent news that the player known as 'ThePoptartTARDIS' has escaped from the newly constructed 'salmon prison' in the Wooklandian estate of Montrose. While camaradultudor and FlyingGMM have denied this development, I have physical proof of Poptart's escape. After visiting the prison in Montrose, I found that there was no player inside. Shocked, I scoured the surrounding area for clues as to where Poptart might be right now. After what felt like days of analyzing sand particles and disturbed grass, I found what appears to be a nest or den. Inspecting the den, I found bits of cloth that had snagged on the rocky walls. Smelling the rags, I recognized something about their odor. There was also a salmon, still flopping inside of the cave. While I didn't find it particularly interesting or appealing, it was quite loud, and I ended up killing it to make it quiet down. Will Montrose admit that their so-called 'state of the art' prison was ineffective, or will they continue to spread misinformation while a dangerous criminal is back on the loose? More developments to be posted soon.