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SAASHIN: DUDE OR DEVICE? is the first released issue of These People Suck, also known as TPS, which is a book series by coblue. It explains the findings of XxSniper420xX as they question the legitimacy of Saashin.


Recent developments have led our team here at TPS to an interesting conclusion. The 'player' we know as 'Saashin' is not real. After doing some literal digging, we found a string of command block at the Y level 3. The commands within these blocks are chilling. The 'join' and 'leave' messages are actually generated by the blocks. There is also code that allows Saashin's 'player' to scan web databases and find quotes and popular culture references. Said references have been used to convince the REAL players of the server that Saashin actually exists. When asked to talk in vc, 'Saashin' replied ingame 'sorry can't talk'. When asked again, the exact same message was pasted in chat. This is confirmed by the command blocks we found, the 'sorry can't talk' message is hard-coded into what we know as 'Saashin'. These developments have made our team question the diligence and capability of the server admins, as Saashin has existed under their noses for however many months. Could the admins have actually created Saashin? Further developments to be posted.