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StonkseleksI is a Vostokian citizen and follower of Grove Faith. Despite her rockier past, she's loyal to her countrymen and stays firm in her beliefs. A simple individual with little interest in material wealth, StonkseleksI takes more interest in sentimental items and comradery.



Born in the Kosovo wheat field, Stonkseleks was gently lead by the Yugoslavians to their bunker, the MaLL. This was when StonkseleksI came to be in this world. After struggling for around two hours to finally reach the bunker, dying to mobs and drowning several times and yet again nearly drowning upon arriving, she was given Blast Protection armor before she went inactive for several months.

Ravna Gora

Still largely inactive during the spilt of Yugoslavia, StonkseleksI chose to join Ravna Gora with ThePoptartTARDIS.

Balkan Federation

Finally, becoming vaguely active, StonkseleksI found herself in the Balkan Federation, claiming they wanted peace and unity in the Balkans. She did not have any power within it and merely listened to the conversations being had. By the time she woke up one day, Schevakia had been attacked by the Balkan Federation.


After this, ArcherAce and StonkseleksI left the Balkan Federation, forming their own country by the title Farnough. Founded in the far southeast, their goal was to build sand castles and avoid further conflict from the actions of the Balkan Federation. Or so they said at the time at least, during this period they were both actively involved in the terror group known as the Black Hand. In this time they helped build the Black Hand's bunker and looted Fianna.

Unfortunately, StonkseleksI decided to stand atop her ally at the time's flag, Wohlstand, and got imprisoned for it. This escalated rapidly so she was ejected from her country. After expressing her hurt from this, she was posed a choice by ArcherAce: "Join or die". Not appreciating the hostility, Stonkseleks asked MTJNC for help to escape her cell. While she escaped successfully, she was promptly killed by ArcherAce for doing so. She returned to her Farnoughan home for a moment before making a break for Rapture with MTJNC.


Post-Farnough, Stonkseleks was travel banned from Wohlstand with all Rapturians banned from Farnough. StonkseleksI settled into life at Rapture, started developing a closer relation to Goomlandia, an ally of Rapture, by working for Grooge64. Additionally, the Black Hand was encouraging her to steal from Rapture, though she was greatly disturbed by this idea and didn't do so, and by this time began distancing herself from the Black Hand. Her time there was limited, though, because Strider112358 was a thief, and has stolen from StonkseleksI's old ally and still close friend, Bialya. In learning this, she gave Strider112358 up. Bialya's demands were too high for Rapture to pay off alone, and thus Rapture merged with Goomlandia.


StonkseleksI quickly fit in with Goomlandians. Having already worked for Grooge64 quite a lot, she found herself at ease among their ranks. Working hard on various things, mainly for Grooge64, she became a trustworthy individual in her country, eventually running and losing for co-leader against Captin_Roman.

After winning her election for leader of Goomlandia, StonkseleksI discovered a great deal of resistance to getting a similar level of power to the previous leader, Grooge64, and the older Goomlandians in general, including MithicSpirit and goomyman77. This, in addition to their heel-digging about having a codified set of laws, and uncovering some well hidden crimes from long past, caused Stonks to grow tired of Goomlandia's constant disapproval of her ideas and actions, and she left the country along with her coleader, Saashin.


Shortly after leaving Goomlandia, Stonks joined Vostok. She'd already moved her stuff into an empty building in Brannock's Castle, that up until recently had been in ruin from the Balkan Troubles until she and BirchwoodMC restored it. Once she joined she set up shop, sorted out her items and settled in to her new country.

Since then, she's done a great deal of general restoration around Vostok, filling in TNT caverns just under the surface and repairing the scars of terraforming in the mesa. She's also done similar work for Montrose, rebuilding mountainous islands around the estate of Fianna, and for Syltheim, finally finishing an old project of hers and coblue's, building the side of a mountain that had been sheared off in terraforming.