List of Actively Spoken Languages

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The following is a list of (most) all actively spoken languages both national and international

  • Earth Speech
  • Nationally spoken, among Grove Tribe.
  • Example: "Ħičerergu"
  • Kaabanese
    • Internationally spoken (by few).
    • Example: "Ó´¬¬ø ∑ø®¬∂⁄"
  • Mantrosikin
    • Nationally spoken, among Montrosians.
    • Example: "Feljug sfajuh"
  • Obiosway
    • Nationally spoken, among Obios.
    • Example: "Ellohay erethay!"
  • Overworld Common
    • Internationally spoken, among every existing country.
    • Example: "Welcome to Elgeis!"
  • Syltican
    • Nationally spoken, among Syltheim.
    • Example: "Kǫttr" - (Modern Script)
  • New Wohltauk
  • Vinduach
    • Nationally spoken, among Windiya.
    • Example: "Σιψελοωήατ δοσοκατο."
      • A translated page of Cocos2D in Vinduach can be found here.
  • Naadu'ul
    • Internationally spoken, among Na'ai.
    • Example: "Falaeti tu Boŝ!"