Goomlandian Renaissance

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The Goomlandian Renaissance was a period in Goomlandian history that ended the Goomlandian Decline after the summer of 2019. Many members returned to activity after vacation, notably Grooge64, brokate, goomyman77, and MithicSpirit.


After the Goomtown BBQ, Goomtown was rebuilt by Goomy and Brokate, and became much more aesthetically pleasing. Goomlandia started many villager projects and with the new 1.14 systems and the invention of steroids by Goomy, lifted itself out of poverty after being looted by Sylvia, Bagelonia and VOC during the Sylvian Occupation of Goomlandia during the second part of the Bagelonian Question. Soon after, Goomlandia re-purchased the mesa province of Clappia from Richard and began to gain enormous wealth and development with Grooge64 becoming a millionaire, and the Goomlandian GC became a very lively and active place. Membership initially stalled but began to grow again, and a literary movement swept Goomlandia; the most prolific authors were brokate and goomyman77.