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Throughout Elgeis' lifetime, many different players have gone ahead and created resource packs to enhance their Elgeis experience. Below are listed all public resource packs which were made by the community.


Generic Resource Packs

Wook totem

Created by camaradultudor, Wook totem is a resource pack that replaces all totems with a wooksmile.

Stalin totem

Created by camaradultudor, Stalin totem is a resource packs that replaces all totems with a picture of Stalin, the creator's cat.

Wohlstand communist

Created by Camaradultudor, Wohlstand communist pack replaces multiple paintings with Wohlstandic propaganda.


Created by Coblue, Arglet replaces the face of a renamed sheep with the one of argetlam04. Requires Optifine


Created by coblue. Purely aesthetical resource pack.

lime pack

Created by camaradultudor, lime pack replaces baked potatoes which are renamed to "Lime(s)" to actual limes.

art museum

Created by coblue, the art museum resource pack is used to view the art museum in HUM. The pack replaces some of Minecraft's default paintings with art made by the community.


Created by coblue, Beakn't is a resource pack that adds The_Brunt's face to the inside of a beacon.

Brunt Chest

Created by coblue, Brunt Chest is a resource pack that adds The_Brunt's face to the inside of chests.

Brunt Trapped

Created by coblue, Brunt Trapped is a resource pack that replaces the original shulker character to The_Brunt's head.


Created by coblue, Corn is a resource pack that changes bread to look like corn. Requires Optifine


Created by coblue, Grooge is a resource pack that give pigs named Grooge tuxedos. The inspiration behind the resource pack is based on Grooge64's classic suit and tie. Requires Optifine

Montrosian Cobblestone

Created by coblue, Montrosian Cobblestone is a resource pack that changes cobblestone to have the signature Montrosian colors of yellow and black. Requires Optifine

Salmon Salmon

Created by coblue, Salmon Salmon is a resource pack that changes all salmon in the game to an artwork made by FlyingGMM which represents the East Taiga region as a male salmon.

Wohlstand is Free

Created by coblue, Wohlstand is Free is a resource pack that changes music disc 13 to Wohlstand is Free by Big Willa.

Words of Wisdom

Created by coblue, Words of Wisdom is a resource pack that adds all the entries from #words-of-wisdom into Minecraft splash texts. This is updated as-of January 29, 2020.


Created by coblue, WOW is a resource pack that replaces all villager noises with Owen Wilson's signature "wow".

Brewery Resource Packs

The Moss

Created by Captin_Roman, The Moss is a resource pack that replaces the default "The Moss" drink to a custom texture.


Enabling the Resource Pack

To enable any of the resource packs above, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Download the pack by clicking on the title
  2. Unzip the .zip file
  3. Go to the main menu or pause menu in Minecraft
  4. Go to Options, then Resource Packs
  5. Click the Open Pack Folder button
  6. Drag the resource pack folder from step 2 into the new window
  7. After that, the resource pack will be visible on the left side of the table
  8. Hover over the pack you want to enable and hit the large triangle button
  9. Once you hit done, your game will reload and your resource pack will be enabled!

Creating a Custom Resource Pack

To create your own custom resource pack, below is a tutorial courtesy of coblue:

  1. Unzip the demo file
  2. Open the pack.mcmeta file with a text editor and replace the PLACEHOLDER text with the pack description, then save it
  3. Open the folders until you get inside the cit folder
  4. Inside the cit folder there is a cobblestone
  5. Replace the preexisting texture with your own texture
  6. Open the file
  7. Inside the file, replace texture you?re replacing with minecraft's name for the item. for example, a gold sword is minecraft:golden_sword
  8. Next, replace texture.png with the file name of your new texture
  9. Next, replace Your Name Here with the name you want to change your item's texture
  10. Now you can save the file, make sure it has the same name as the texture. If your texture is baked_beans.png, the file should be saved as