Wohlstand is Free

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Written and performed by Bowilla, Wohlstand is Free was released on September 9, 2020 in #mc-world-news. The song describes the people of Wohlstand as they are a free nation who were in the midst of a succession from Schevakia.


Wohlstand is Free as performed by Bowilla

Wohlstand is a free people

Wohlstand is a free nation

Of the land, the sea, and ground

We will always be our own

Never will we come under

The heavy hand of Schevakia

Against whom we will certainly stand!

As a bird in the air, who flies free

So are we upon the island of antiquity

Never will we back down

Never will we be crushed

We will prosper in our land

And with it bless the world

Oh God, bless our land!