Bowilla Memoirs

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This book describes how Bowilla came to Wohlstand and embarked upon several projects, including the annexation of Ilyrdom, which indirectly sparked the Balkan Troubles. It goes on to describe Bowilla's assumption of rulership of Wohlstand, his subsequent deposition, his nomadic period, return to Wohlstand, and finally his final leaving, shortly before the state was dissolved.


An audio book of Bowilla Memoirs by Bowilla

I first came to the Járn Saari during the Wohlstandic Pilgrimage.

Leaving our ancestral land tore my heart to pieces.

I wondered if things would ever be the same again.

During the first months I could do nothing but watch our Wohlk Ohokayy build Wohlsteinn.

Things were very tough, but our leader was strong.

One day I went with him to a city north-east, called Schavik. He desired to import some simple-folk to help with daily tasks around Wohlsteinn.

I really liked the people in Schavik - Dimethyl and Kale.

Soon we returned with the simple-folk and gave them beds and work.

Not long after, the simple-folk had born so many children that the city was over-flowing and we could no longer supply more beds.

I then turned my eyes to the mountain beside Northbay.

My heart was set upon the deep places, to uncover the great unknown.

I began mining stone block by block.

Soon I realized that I needed a new way. I heard of a man with opportunous dealings in the north from a country called Goomlandia.

I spoke to this man - Grooge was his name - and arranged to rent a powerful beacon.

This beacon quickly tore through stone and rendered a hollow mountain in just days.

My eyes grew as this glorious cave was unveiled.

At this time, Schevakia to the north began to fracture and fell to instability.

I sought to help my friends whom I met in Schavik, by erecting a wall between their unruly brethren to the north.

At this time there was also a movement to ally all peoples of the Balkans.

As a result of the fracturing there was a part of land which was left without any immediate claim - Ilyria.

I often heard how the simple-folk there were imprisoned and left to die.

In the name of justice, I claimed the land and began at once to free the simple-folk and planted potatoes for them.

Shortly after, Waffles declared war against me, but I stood my ground. Soon armed men came upon the land and seized it from my hand.

I was powerless as we are peaceful people and had no way to fight back.

We called upon the help of our allies - the Balkan Federation.

The Balkan Federation proved to have neither honor nor dignity and so have betrayed the greatest values of my people.

My Wohlk seperated from them and entered into isolation, giving up the land of Ilyria.

The Balkan War tore the region. The horrors are burned in my mind to this day-

For near a month, I sat in Northbay hiding. I was trodden on like a leaf. My heart wilted like a flower in the heat of day. My strength was gone.

I mused in my heart, "Is there any hope left in this world?" Soon the weight of this burden became so heavy that Wohlk Ohokayy ceded leadership into my hands.

I rose momentarily before falling down in despair. Would Wohlstand rise in strength again?

I feared the worst. Would my people fade out as the last breath of the wind?

The darkness tore into my soul and I lingered ever longer into days of growing gloom.

Soon a man by the name Duguntho rose up among the people. He inspired builders and led them to create a fleet of ships.

He told the people, "This is our heritage - our legacy!"

He even strengthened the heart of the former Wohlk.

But soon his pride grew into treachery. He incited the people to commit treason.

They took me captive and treated me roughly. Finally they threw me in a pit filled with berry bushes.

I suffered all night and the people dispersed, mocking me.

Did I deserve to suffer because my heart was crushed? Because another rose up with strength?

He has rejected the ancient Wohlstandic traditions!

Finally I determined to escape and leave this land. I dug my fingers into the dirt and climbed out of the hole.

I escaped to a place called Montrose of Sylvia. I was in utter ruin and had not but the scraps of cloth hanging off my bones.

The official of government kindly suited me with ironclad armor plus some tools.

I took residence in an abandoned castle whilst I spent my days planting a forest.

I heard of my countrymen who continued in revolution to do abominable things.

My heart was in anguish and I could do not but to turn my heart from them. I had suffered too much by their hands.

A short time later, they abruptly ended the revolution and Ohokayy once again was enthroned as Wohlk.

I was disgusted. Give me leadership in time of weakness and then conspire against me to take it back later?

Where has honor and dignity gone? Has out heritage been entirely lost?

My heart sorrowed for many days.

At last I gave up thinking about Wohlstand and turned my eyes to a new life.

I wandered as a nomad without a home. Many were kind and I healed through those next few months.

In the process of time, Wohlstand dissolved and was not. I considered to bring it back once again, but alas - I could not.

Then an opportunity arose!

The former-Wohlstandic peoples gathered again and I joined with them.

"Let us return to the land of our fathers," I said to them.

Ohokayy was crowned Wohlk. And so it was that we began anew. We tore down the old and began building a great city.

A giant tree sprung up and around it a village was built.

Joy was shared among it's people. We feasted together and laughed about the old times.

But it was not long before I could see the same root of instability in their ways.

I could not trust them and once again be so terribly treated. Fear gripped me.

I acted swiftly reprimanding my people and telling them that I would not be part with them again. Their ways were deviant from our fathers values.

Just as I was leaving, they stopped and did as I had asked. I told them it was honorable and good.

But my time in Wohlstand was over. I had a new path in life.

And so I wandered yet again. I pray for my people, that they remain faithful to the way which was commited to them from their ancestors.

May they overcome their Schevakian oppressors.

Though I leave the land, they will never leave my heart.

Lángt levende, Wohlstand.