Wohlstand Saga

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This is an origin story describing how the people of Wohlstand—a country Bowilla was a major part of—came to their main island, located in the West Sea, called "Járn Saari", or "Iron Island", in Wohlenska, the native language of Wohlstand.


An audio book of Wohlstand Saga by Bowilla

Once upon a time, far in the south - past where any dare travel - there was a people bold and strong.

They had a courage to live free and it burned within them as a great fire.

Nothing could stand against them.

It came to pass that a famine arose and the people of the land grew restless.

Fighting broke out as one sought to take food from another.

The Wohlstandic people could no longer peacefully live in the land.

The Wohlk gathered all the elders and wise men together in a great council.

The Wohlk raised his hand and the assembly became quiet.

Then he lifted up his voice and spoke to the elders.

"Brethren, we are gathered this day to decide our future."

He paused to let his words weigh upon the hearers.

Uneasy shifting was heard throughout the room.

Never before had the Wohlstandic people been in such a dire situation, so as to change their course.

"We cannot fight against our neighbor for a scrap of bread."

"Honor and dignity at any cost!" the elders chanted the ancient Wohlstandic proverb.

"Our people need food and this land no longer yields its fruit to us.

We must consider to go to another land!" the Wohlk revealed his plan.

Tears came down the face of the often stoic Wohlk.

The assembly mourned the loss of the land of their ancestors.

"Where shall we go?" asked one of the elders.

"I say that we head North. I hear good things of the land there and that the people are peaceful," stated the Wohlk.

After this the assembly came to an agreement and the meeting was concluded.

They traveled north through desert, through jungle, and through mountains.

The journey was long and the people mourned as they went.

And so it was that they arrived in a land of plenty, where there was new opportunities.

Yet there was also new challenges.

The heart of the Wohlstandic people never wavered in strength, but stood resiliently.

They esablished their home on an island which they named, "Járn Saari".