Nomadic Tales

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This book is a collection of tales from Bowilla's experiences as a nomad. It consists of two poems and two stories.



First Taste

Cast off was I,

From land of kin,

And land of birth.

With heart of sorrow,

I toiled and wroked.

Day blurred with night,

and night with day.

Would I ever wake up?

Stranger's Kindness

Heart warmed by hearth,

Kindness shown a stranger,

Joy and love manifest.

With passion to build,

Made beauty from not.

Meaning did express,

The stranger to a kindness.

Once was sorrow,

Now is love.


Spark of Hope

As I wandered the vast empty land before my feet, I could not cease my brooding. It formed a cage around my soul, trapping me inside. "Would lonliness every depart?" my heart wept and I shed a tear.

I looked up at the open sky. A single cloud meandered toward the horizon. Wind blew across the plain and the grass shuddered in its wake. The sun quit the day and soon darkness consumed the light. I set a woolen blanket over me as lay at the foot of a mossy hillside. A wolf howled in the distance.

The next day, I rose early and kept walking. An hour slipped by as the sun peeked its eyes over the hills. Suddenly I saw a wall looming ahead. As I drew near a man met there beneath the gate.

"Welcome to Goomtown, traveler. Where do you come from?"

I told him that I had no home anymore.

He motioned for me to follow him. He would through streets, past a large field, and finally in front of his manor. He paused and glanced at me. His face had a shadow of pity for me. Then his countenance softened and he smiled at me.

"Wait here sir."

He ran inside and shuffled around various things awhile.

At last he ran out and threw a set of shimmering blue armor at my feet.

"A gift", he said.

I knelt down and set it on my body. I stood for a moment stunned. Slowly a tear formed and rolled down my cheek.

"Such kindness..." I stuttered.

"My pleasure sir- what is your name?"

"Bowilla", I told him.

"Glad to meet you! I am Grooge," he declared.

Home of Wonders

The dawn's early light awoke me from my slumber.

Today was a great day—I was going to build my house!

I asked my new friend to help. When she came to my place, I noticed others behind her.

"Good morning Ace! Who are these with you?" I asked.

She turned around confused.

"I-I don't know. I thought I came alone!"

I began working on the house, building up the walls.

I got lost in my work, when suddenly I noticed a large hole beneath.

I was surprised, so I went down to investigate.

A mad had built an entire basement!

I thanked the man and he parted. I stared at the miniature waterfall, caught in a daze.

I spontaneously decided to jump in and began sinking.

I went lower and lower when to my shock, I saw another basement under it!

I caught the eye of my friend Ace.

I stood stunned for a moment.

"How did you do this!" I exclaimed.

She just smiled at me.

I could not understand it, but she was charming.

"I like this basement," I said.

She nodded. "If only you knew..." she chuckled.