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Adfelis is a small southern nation. 451ginger is the leader.


Adfelis was founded in mid July, with it's official existence being announced to the rest of Elgeis on July 27th, 2023. Although Initially just the locations known as the districts of Asmodus (The capital city of Adfelis) and the Rusta Popula, it grew it's borders to include the Verla Major, The Channel, and Isle Sable on October 16th, 2023. On October 29th, 2023 Adfelis was accused of being a Nyanian puppet by Ozai during the Fourth Naadic War due to the Nation's leader not having formally left his previous faction, resulting in Paarm attacking Adfelis, which in turn accused Paarm of war crimes. Ozai delivered an ultimatum demanding that 451ginger renounce his Nyanian citizenship or have Adfelis invaded. Adfelis accepted the ultimatum and formally left. On November 7th, 2023, Adfelis addressed the accusations of being a puppet state. Currently, Adfelis is working on completing it's stated plan of establishing a city of free roaming villagers.


Adfelis is located in southern Elgeis. It is borken up into five major sections: Asmodus (the capital city), the Verla Major, the Rusta Popula, Isle Argent, and The Channel. The Ice Line refers to the biome border across the areas bordering Adfeline territories on the Verla Major.

Map of Adfeline borders as of 12/6/2023

Adfelis also contains smaller landmarks, such as The Maw and Isle Sable.

Foundational documents

Adfelis has two founding documents the Omijus Adfelis and the Bill of Rights. Copies of these laws are visible below

Omijus Adfelis

Article I

-Section 1 This document is the supreme governing document of Adfelis in conjunction with the Adfelis bill of rights

- Section 2 This government, was created by and belongs to 451ginger, the first Arch Fabricant. However even the Arch Fabricant is bound by this document and is not above the law.

Article II

-Section 1 All governmental powers are reserved for the Arch Fabricant .

-Section 2 All other citizens in positions of office from the rank of Aedefic to the rank of Fabricant derive thier power from the fabricant, and serve as extensions of the powers of the Arch Fabricant . As such, thier powers may be revoked if they are determined to be gravely out of line with the goals of the Arch Fabricant .

Article III

-Section 1 The government may levy taxes on businesses located in Adfelis as well as resources mined on Adfeline territory.

-Section 2 The government may designate territory for the Aedefic and ranks above to build projects on, and they may also dictate the style.

-Section 3 The government may raise a conventional army but only for the purposes of defense.

Section 4 The government may establish departments dedicated to maintaining both domestic and international safety.

Section 5 The government may enter into international treaties. The government cannot enter into non-defensive military pacts.

Article IV

-Section 1 Only the Arch Fabricant may grant the title of Abitant (citizen) and promote officers. If the Arch Fabricant is away from duties, the Fabricant left in charge may appoint and promote officers and grant citizenship, but they may not promote anyone to Arch Fabricant.

-Section 2 The title of Subdrotus (non-citizen legal resident) may be granted by a Domaede , Fabricant , or the Arch Fabricant .

Article V

-Section 1 Civil disputes may be resolved democratically between a council of at least five other persons with the title of Abitant (citizen) , if this not an option, the case is to be settled by the Arch Fabricant , or appointee selected by the Arch Fabricant .

-Section 2 Criminal disputes will be resolved before a court established by the Arch Fabricant , all ruling of the court may be overturned by the Arch Fabricant .

-Section 3 The title of Abitant (citizen) may be revoked if the accused party is found to be treasonous against the power of the Arch Fabricant and government of the Arch Fabricant .

Article VI

-Section 1 All future holders of the title Arch Fabricant derive thier power from the last Arch Fabricant.

-Section 2 If an Arch Fabricant is to disappear and be replaced, and the senior Arch Fabricant returns, the senior Arch Fabricant is to retain the title of Arch Fabricant and the other Arch Fabricant is to be given the title of Fabricant .

-Section 3 There may be no two or more active persons with the title Arch Fabricant at the same time.

Bill of Rights

Article I

-Section 1 This document grants select rights to all those within the state of Adfelis holding the title of Abitant.

-Section 2 If a person loses citizenship, they lose the aforementioned rights in the document.

Article II

-Section 1 All individuals may privately advocate for anything, so long as such advocacy does not disturb the functions of government.

-Section 2 A person cannot have citizenship revoked without due cause.

-Section 3 The government shall not force citizens to eat glue soup.

-Section 4 Citizens may trade freely with all villagers on Adfeline territory.

-Section 5 Citizens shall not be taxed for projects un-beneficial to the overall good or majority of residents.


Leadership Structure

-Arch Fabricant (also spelled Arch-Fabricant): Supreme ruler of Adfelis

-Fabricant: High lever officers appointed by the Arch Fabricant themself. They oversee large scale building projects

-Domaede: Medium lever officers appointed by the Arch Fabricant. They oversee parts of large scale building projects under a Fabricant or they work on smaller sections alone or overseeing Aedefics on medium-smaller sized projects

-Aedefic: Appointed architects and engineers, these builders make up the corps of Adfeline building capacity, working under Fabricants or Domaedes on projects, typically assigned a section to complete with rough guidelines. Although they are the lowest ranking members of the appointed building positions, each Aedefic is a talented builder in thier own right with thier position commanding respect.

Citizenship & Residency status

-Abitant: A citizen of Adfelis, all officers are simultaneously an Abitant.

-Subdrotus: A legal resident of Adfelis.

Border Policy

Adfelis maintains an open border policy, with persons banned done so explicitly.

Banned persons list: