Underwater Domes

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"mf got domes" - MedimaNN

Throughout Elgeis history, numerous underwater domes have been constructed as part of residential or commercial projects. This may be because of their uniqueness as buildings, defensive properties, or "coolness". 3 sets have been constructed in total, all in completely different time periods, and all currently being holdings of the Sylvian Union.

The domes of the Water Boys.

The first series of underwater domes ever constructed in the world were made by the Water Boys (NoCheezyFrizz and RHIN0SAURUS83) during the Founding Period. They were used as base of operations for a fishing business, and consisted of a main dome connected to many smaller domes. After both residents of the Water Boys were banned, the domes became obsolete and were later annexed by Rhett.

Later, during the Unification Period, Montrosian citizen Abstacious constructed his home latter dubbed "Andervale". It consisted of only one main dome next to an island, and is the earliest underwater dome still in use today.

Most recently, Rhettian, MTJNC announced the "Rapture" project, the most ambitious underwater dome project to-date. It had sponsors from all around the map and went through many transformations throughout its lifespan.