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Stemtown is a mesa ghost border town in southern Goomlandia founded on September 15, 2019 by goomyman77. It is located on the border with the inherited HUMmian colony of Toeland in the province of New Toeland and is the only settlement in that province. Stemtown was originally intended to be a counterpart to "Brain Town", which would be a Goomlandia-HUM collaboration to create a joint town on the Central Goomlandian Sea. The project fell apart after a lack of effort by HUM, who never started Brain Town due to other occupations in HUM Proper. Later efforts by Goomlandia to buy Toeland were ignored, cementing the fate of the empty Stemtown. The name is derived from Brain Stem, who was worshipped by ToeGANG, the original inhabitants of Toeland during much of their time in Goomnest.