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Elgeis has an official merchandise shop hosted on RedBubble by GoatWhisperer. It can be found here.


  • Are You Off the Puffer?
    • Features a pufferfish on a blue background with the text "Are you off the puffer?" (mapart version)
  • Azrainir Banner
    • Features the HD version of the Azrainir flag
  • Cheaters Never Prosper I
    • Features the "If I had a revolver..." quote alongside the D.A.R.E. tiger with :flyingban:
  • Cheaters Never Prosper II
    • Features the "What will your mother say..." quote alongside a view of lava pools and blatant X-ray tunnels
  • Cheaters Never Prosper III
    • Features the "He believes in the forceful removal of X-rayers" quote alongside a view of blatant X-ray tunnels and a cat with a red arrow
  • Cheaters Never Prosper IV
    • Features the same text as before without the cat
  • Elgeis Logo
    • Features the Elgeis logo
  • Elgeis Political Map
    • Features the Elgeis Political Map as of July 17, 2022
  • Elgeis Vintage Land Map
    • Features a vintage styled map created by StonkseleksI that shows land borders
  • Goatem of Undying
    • Features the Goatem of Undying
  • :hongtoesayshi:
    • Features the iconic :hongtoesayshi: emoji
  • HUM Seal
    • Features the HUM national seal
  • Mommy Sylvia I
    • Features the full body drawing of Mommy Sylvia
  • Mommy Sylvia II
    • Features the head cutout of Mommy Sylvia
  • Pride Goomy
  • Remember Schenektengrad
  • RIP Bozai Album Art
    • Features the album art for RIP Bozai by GoatWhisperer
  • Wikileaks Parody
    • Features a parody of WikiLeaks.
  • You Ready Your Fists
    • Features the text "**You Ready Your Fists**"


A merchandise shop had been discussed months prior to the official release. Staff asked players what they had thought would make good merchandise designs, and the community responded... barely. GoatWhisperer opened the shop on December 16, 2022, hosting 19 official designs.