House Fire Accords

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The House Fire Accords was a book written to work out the conflict between Grooge64 and The_Brunt after Grooge64 tried selling The_Brunt's items on WikiLeaks. The accords were worked out in the Goomlandian Capitol building with the following people present: Banksy007, BirchwoodMC, Captin_Roman, goomyman77, MithicSpirit, Mr_Waffles17, StonkseleksI, The_Brunt, and Grooge64. The accords were written by The_Brunt and modified by Grooge64 to reach an agreement.


The House Fire Accords

Ninth of March, 2021

This document certifies an official agreement between the Goomlandian government, namely Grooge64, and the Schevakian renegade forces of Mr_Waffles17 and The_Brunt.

A long-winded fiasco beginning at a (house warming) party at Captin_Roman's new house led to a Schevakian occupation of Goomtown. The_Brunt's items were taken from him aproximately-one day ago, and Mr_Waffles possessions were commandeered by goomyman77 a mere half-hour ago.

Upon the signing of this document by: Grooge64, Mr_Waffles17, and The_Brunt, all parties agree to the following terms:

-The two Schevakians will cease their occupation for at least one day

-The_Brunt's items will be returned to him

-Mr_Waffles17's items will be returned to him

-The_Brunt will pay one stack of book&quill to Grooge64

-The Schevakian signage placed in Goomtown will not be destroyed for at least one week

-The_Brunt will complete the Goomtown People Museum within one weeks of the signing of this document


- Grooge64

- The_Brunt

- Mr_Waffles17