Great Montrosian Lighthouse

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The Great Montrosian Lighthouse is a structure found in Montrose at the mouth of the River Montrose. It is located next to the ancestral villages of RnanG and is roughly adjacent to the Sylvian Federal Province.


The Great Montrosian Lighthouse has been around for a long time.


Controversy has marred the Great Montrosian Lighthouse since its inception.

HUM Intervention

A screenshot of the post-griefed lighthouse, dubbed "Small Peepee Flashlight" by much of the world.

Almost immediately after taking note of the lighthouse on the horizon from his penthouse in HUM, Chairman GoatWhisperer approached Header FlyingGMM with several adaptional offers due to his extreme dislike for the lighthouse in his view from his home. First, he requested that FlyingGMM change the aesthetics of the lighthouse to be more appealing to the eye. Failing this, he offered to personally reconstruct the lighthouse to be more appealing. When that, too, was rejected, he offered to pay for the privilege of reconstructing the lighthouse. This was also rejected.

"Small Peepee Flashlight"

At one point, Flashy10 of Vailan's long-standing dislike for Montrosian architecture overcame him. In one night, he swept across Montrose in a spree of griefing. This griefing affected several locations in Montrose such as various bridges, but the foremost target was the Great Montrosian Lighthouse, which was reduced to a fraction of its height. This new building, far shorter and more "smoothed" than its predecessor, was referred to as "Small Peepee Flashlight" by Flashy10 and the Vailic bloc.

This unfortunate event caused many Sylvians who were vocal opponents of the Great Montrosian Lighthouse to, ironically, be called to arms against Flashy10 primarily for griefing a structure they weren't particularly fond of to begin with ("to defend the Great Lighthouse's honor", many quipped), per the Sylvian principle of mutual defense.