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Saashin is a citizen of Montrose. He resides in his estate of Saru, a group of islands located in the West Sea.


Joining Elgeis

Saashin was first asked to join Elgeis on September 4, 2020 by Terranelm. Saashin turned down the offer in favor of staying on a different nations server that the two had been playing on for a number of months. However, a while after that server collapsed, Saashin approached Terranelm asking to join Elgeis. Saashin joined Elgeis on January 22, 2021.


Saashin joined Syltheim the day he joined Elgeis. In Syltheim, Saashin worked on various projects such as terraforming of Mallarfjoll (which he referred to as Terranelmforming), road construction, and the creation of the Sylthian trident farm. He also founded a clothing company known as Blueberry.

During the Grove-Yusefarian War, Saashin fought alongside Jugoslavija and his fellow Sylthians. He was involved in a skirmish at Lazarica, as well as the occupation of the World Tree. At the time he strongly opposed Grove Faith beliefs, but after learning more about it from his foreign friends, his ideas shifted considerably; he began to oppose Jugoslavija and convinced his fellow Sylthians to withdraw from their alliance after the World Tree was burned.

Saashin ran for Chief Diplomat in the third Sylthian election, but lost to Terranelm. At the time, the two shared a very similar vision for the future of Syltheim, so Terranelm chose Saashin as one of his Diplomats. As a Diplomat, Saashin continued his "Terranelmforming" and construction projects, but began to grow frustrated with the growing isolationist sentiment in Syltheim. He was also concerned by his fellow citizens planning to elect Chipt as Chief Diplomat, since Saashin did not trust him. This plan did not end up materializing, however.


Although Saashin disagreed with other Sylthians on many issues, he did not feel an urgent need to leave the nation. That said, Saashin had established a good relationship with many prominent Goomlandians, and personally did hope to join their nation at some point in the future.

One day, while temporarily factionless, Goomlandians jokingly invited Saashin to their faction. To their surprise, he accepted. This didn't mean that he was actually part of their nation, but a vote was proposed in Goomlandian internals a while later, and it passed rather quickly. Although the vote passed, Saashin was still unsure about whether or not he wanted to leave Syltheim. After thinking for a few days and moving his belongings, Saashin formally joined Goomlandia on March 13, 2021.

As one of the most active members Saashin contributed to Goomlandia in many ways, ranging from diplomacy to the development of infrastructure, including various farms and the Corbeau region of Goomtown. On December 14, 2021, just sixteen days after he began his term as Co-Leader of Goomlandia, Saashin made the difficult decision to leave Goomlandia in response to the corruption and unwillingness to reform he observed in the nation.


On December 16th, 2021, Saashin joined Montrose and created his estate of Saru.