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Third-party programs, from resource packs to lag-reducers, are vital to many Minecraft experiences. Elgeis allows many third-party programs, as long as they don't give an unfair advantage. Below is a list of programs that are against the rules, and a list of programs that are just fine. If you want an explanation for a program being allowed/disallowed, feel free to ask.

Please note: neither of these lists are exhaustive. They are merely the programs that we have deliberately made a ruling on being allowed or not. If your program isn't here, please ask the admins if it's allowed or not, don't just make an assumption. We would hate for you to accidentally break the rules.

Disallowed features

  • Autoclickers
  • Auto-reloggers
  • Any other "bots" that play the game for you
  • Combat hacks
  • Gamma-boosted Minecraft clients
  • HUD mods that show armor durability, status effects, etc.
  • Ingame "notes" mods
  • Inventory organizers and the like
  • Map/chunk downloaders
  • Minimaps
  • Pathfinders/waypoints
  • Resource packs that color-code/outline blocks based on their light level, redstone strength, or other features
  • Schematic mods and other mods that add visual or physical aids for building
  • "X-ray" resource packs

Specific, popular programs that are disallowed

  • Badlion client
  • Lunar client

Allowed programs

Allowed Fabric Mods