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The Pelipper Times is an independent newspaper based in Goomtown, Goomlandia run by brokate. It releases articles based on current events and other informational purposes. It has released two volumes during the course of its lifetime.

The Pelipper Times is always grateful to receive any mail! They accept story suggestions, guest author offers, and donations (see more below).

The Pelipper Times logo


The Pelipper Times was founded when Brokate decided she wanted to write more about what was going on in the server. The Pelipper Times' Main Office was soon built thereafter, consisting of two floors: one for the public and another reserved for writers and staff.

The Pelipper Times' logo was actually inspired by Pete from Animal Crossing, who delivers mail. The concept of a pelican turned into Pelipper the pokemon due to brokate's inability to remember the real name of the animal.


Shortly after the release of its second volume, the Pelipper Times took a brief hiatus to prepare for its next publication. Unfortunately soon after, its chief writer, brokate, became inactive. The Pelipper Times remained in hiatus until February 24, 2021 when Grooge64 declared the organization as defunct.

Guest Author System

Taken from the Pelipper Times Main Office Booklet:

Guest Authors

  1. Guptacakeman (Volume No. 1)
  2. FlyingGMM (Volume No. 2)

Donations and Pelipper Times Official Items

Taken from the Pelipper Times Main Office Booklet:

In the beginning, the Pelipper Times were fully funded by brokate herself. This took time which delayed publications; to help with the production of new volumes and reprintings, The Pelipper Times is now accepting donations of these following items: book and quill, book, ink sac, and paper. All donations are welcomed.

Additionally, in order to show their thanks to anyone who donates to the Pelipper Times, they will be gifted a Pelipper Times official banner as well as a thank you note to anyone who donates. This is what a Pelipper Times official banner looks like:

Volumes Released

Volume No. 1

"Volume No. 1" was released September 1st of 2019. Five copies of the original were left in the Edition Barrel initially. After all five were taken, two additional reprints were made and have been taken. Additional reprints can be requested.

It had the following articles:

  1. "Fort Zoning Violation: A Curious Occurrence" by brokate
  2. "Many Kitties and Animals, Ready For a Family!" by brokate
  3. "Making The Legendary City of El Dorado" by brokate
  4. [Guest Article] "Inequality: Lucagrad and Sylvia" by guptacakeman

Volume No. 2

"Volume No. 2" was released October 6th of 2019. All five original prints are currently in the barrel.

It had the following articles:

  1. “What is killing Goomlandians?" By grokate (8 pages long)
  2. "The Mesa Convention: A meeting of eastern Mesa states” By brokate (11 pages long)
  3. “The story of the bridge that received international attention” By brokate (28 pages long)
  4. [Guest Article] “Epic Montrose Time: What it was, what it accomplished, and what it means” By FlyingGMM (14 pages long)