The Dread Pirate

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The Dread Pirate is a tale of thievery and griefing. It follows erjan101 as he talks about PizzasWithBone's first time on Elgeis. After the events of this book, PizzasWithBone was banned for indiscriminate griefing and would later have his ban appealed. PizzasWithBone was banned one final time afterwards for x-raying.


Dread pirate of the sea's, known to some as Pizza with a Bone, came to the nearby lands of the HUM bank and the Montrosian forests. He sailed the sea's for only a month and all the statesmen and aristrocrats wanted him dead, nay for his robbery, naught for the ships he sailed freely, or for the sakes he was a new comer... but it was his fame and popularity. It brought manhunters all together so that they could one day catch the famed and not so glorious Dread Pirate of the Sea's!

With tooth and nail negotiations were attempted, neither side contemplated.

Then the bearded fellow found ancient treasure and the hounds sniffed ever more!

Finally the Dread Pirate found a home place so that he may safely pirate from a distance, while so be safe in a home of full lead.

Tis not clear about his pirate ship, but many say that it was covered by water, in a manmade cove. By the sounds it was something that couldn't be ever breached. But the victims of the minor raids of the Dread pirate, the Montrosian leader and Rhett of Rhett (also known as Abstractegg), thought otherwise. They stormed down the sea's towards the dread pirates home, a ship parked on a minor island off a forest. There was a huge blue squared face buildin which greeted them. For days they searched and tried to learn the secrets of its destruction...AHA! They said allowed, the walls on the right side weren't as thick as the other sides, that meant they were able to prepare their offensive siege materials...

But what of the famed Dread Pirate? Well, he must've run elsewhere once he heard the knews of the duo alliance approaching his ship. He also must've took a lot of his treasures with him to the dark. Yet, the duo alliance managed to breach the cove, and lit fire to the wooden vessal! It caught aflame, fast, aghast were the natives nearby looking at such a side. Eventually the whole ship demolished and the loot floated in the waters.

There indeed was a major victory, but no major confirmation...

Returning back to their respective lands, the duo alliance searched for the dread pirate. Even though, the pirate himself has done very little raiding- yet annoyed the States around the land a great dead, he was the most wanted savage on their list...!

So, the great bank administrator of the HUM entity collaborated in deep secret with the Montrosian leader, of the soon capture of the dread pirate. The man of HUM, disguised himself as a lame tard, a toddy to tell to the dread pirate of treasure, a easy revenge that could be done against the Montrosians, who were the most abolished in a friendship with the Dread Pirate. The tard told of a secret montrosian vault full of goods and treasure... the pirate of course couldn't keep himself from jumping!

The recent events and sarrow allowed the mind of the Dread Pirate to not worry about any trap, but just in case he had hidden his treasure... somewhere that many still do not know where...

All the while he went inside the dank underground, and there was..

NOTHING! It was a trap! the walls had crumbled around him and there was a dark purple material of obsidian, trapping him within... a little glass window was the only thing between him and the outside, and there were the faces of HUM and Montrose, laughing their asses of such a capture! The self renowned predator was now the prey!

So ends the story of the Dread Pirate, who for a short while harmed the lands nearby HUM, Montrose, Rhett, etc.. His treasure is yet to be confirmed though...!

A note from the author:

If there is to be any would be pirate to harm these States again, let them know that they should be more secretive, and less boustful, for that will be the undoing. It will allow all the aristrocrats to gather and prepare a storm.