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The Sylt Party is a political party of Sylthiem, created by Terranelm sometime in-between December 20th, 2020 and January 2nd, 2021.

Sylt Party Objectives

Segments One: Maintaining Peace:

To keep Sylthiem in times of peace, the Sylt party intends to designate leaders who will maintain friendly relations with all other nations, but limit formal offensive or defensive alliances, with the exception of prevalent nations who also value non-aggression. These intentions will be made clear to the rest of the world stage with the creation of the International Garden of Frens, an intercontinental project in which the Nations of the World each have a plot of land in which they can create a small garden. Each plot will contain Sylt from a respective nation. The Garden of Frens will ensure that Sylthiem is on friendly terms with all nations, as well as bring tourists to the country, which may increase our notoriety, and thus increase our population.

However, the Sylt Party recognises that a garden will not assist the Sylthian people in the unlikely event that war does occur. For this reason, the Sylt Party urges that there be a standing army that will always be prepared in the event of a failure of diplomacy. This standing army can also act as a military police force during times of peace, on the occasion of a violent crime occuring. The military police may only use violence if the situation is dire, and lethal force may only be used as a last resort. In almost all situations, the police are urged to use cobwebs and water buckets to slow down and apprehend a criminal.

Segment Two: Ensuring the Well-being of all Sylthian Citizens:

The Sylt Party believes that all Sylthian Citizens are entitled to a home. Therefore, citizens should be able to build homes for themselves with minimal restrictions. For this reason, we oppose gridded cities, as it provides an outlet to the current commander in chief to harshly regulate where citizens can build, which the Sylt Party views as despotic. The only exceptions to this will be that houses must be built in a rustic, nordic, or anything similar to a medieval style, must be built next to or nearby paths (though citizens are free to pave paths as they see fit), and must not be built on a federal reserve (see third segment). All citizens who build a home for themselves will gain ownership of that home, and it will unofficially be their private property. Anyone caught stealing from property which is not theirs will be investigated or apprehended.

The Sylt Party values the safety of Sylthian Citizens, so we urge any current leaders to make sure cities are properly lit and protected from the creatures of the night. In case this fails, we believe that Sylthian Citizens have the right to bear arms so that they can defend themselves if need be, either from hostile mobs, or from an unprecedented attack from a foriegn army.

Segment Three: Preserving the Environment:

The Sylt Party puts an Emphasis on preserving the integrity of the environment, especially the gravel which is the basis of Sylthiem’s name. We at the Sylt Party believe that excessive gravel mining (or any kind of sylt) should be prohibited except for certain designated areas, so as to preserve the landscape, and our national identity. The Sylt party believes that a balance of gravelly hills, forest, and an urban environment is key if the people of Sylthiem want to have a friendly relationship with nature. To ensure this relationship, the Sylt party believes that Sylthiem should have at least one national park, in which people may visit but not touch. Altering the natural order in a national park should be punishable by law according to the Sylt Party.