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Ŝifaeism (she-vay-ism), less commonly referred to as Ŝifanism, is a polytheistic, ethnic religion based on the unity of life and flora. It's adherents, known as Ŝifs (Shivs in overworld common), primarily live in the Kingdom of Naador, where it is the official religion.


At the being of time, four gods were tasked with creating life, but only 1 succeeded. Clouded by jealousy, the other 3 gods swore to destroy his creation. He knew that in order for life to truly be safe, even he himself must lose us. He hid us on a rock, and cast the rock as far as he could. Ŝifs believe that Humanity has become corrupted, and the only way we can save life is to become enlightened by fulfilling our task of balancing life and keeping order while we await his return.

(This is just a summary, more indepth mythological texts can be found in Naador)


The Beetroot, or "Ru'uta" is the holy vegetable of Ŝifaeism. According to the religion it has magical properties that grant luck to the consumer.

The Miki Festival is a 4-day long festival held in Boŝ that celebrates existence and unity. At the end of each night there is a feast.

Kwaeve D'Eruz is a popular dish during festivals and in times of need. It is said to grant luck to the consumer, and is traditionally had before battle, or feasts during the Miki Festival.


Although the origins of Ŝifaeism are heavily shrouded in mystery, the popular theory is that it developed shortly after the end of Championis.


The only food you may eat is that which comes from the ground (no meat)

Commune with other Ŝifs during festivals