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Northbay is a Wohlstandic farming settlement and colony located south of Schevakia, north of the Járn Saari, and east of the Western End Portal. Northbay's terrain is largely a swamp with a mountain located in the western portion of the territory. It is currently the lordship of GymShady69.


Early History

After the annexing of a swamp near the Jarn Saari under Montrose in March 2020, 0kej started a terraforming project to turn the swamp into a farming settlement in the West Sea. The first buildings were set up along with a few large traditional field farms, a wall and a storage facility were placed in the settlement, with the help of FlyingGMM the settlement was 1/4th of a way done. In the early days of the settlement it produced the majority of the food used on the Járn Saari.

A short time after, Wohlstand seceded from Montrose and brought Northbay with them. Soon afterwards, an event known as the "Northbay Tensions" occured which saw Schevakia contest Northbay. The conflict was short, with a peace being brokered by Vailan and the Sylvian Consul MTJNC, the end result being a demilitarized zone established between Illyrdom and Northbay, demarcated by a wall.

Middle History

The Wohlstandic Migration to Ambrosia saw the integration of Northbay into Ambrosia. After the rise of the Schevakian Empire and the return of the Wohlstandic people to the Járn Saari, Northbay was unclaimed by Wohlstand and left to Schevakia after a very short lived "Republic of Northbay" by Duguntho.

Late History

In January of 2022, Nótos ceded Northbay back to Wohlstand.