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the Na'ai, commonly referred to in Common as Naadics or Naadic peoples, are an ethnic group native to the Alaar desert and the Ša'amponi savannah, who speak Naadu'ul, and share a common history and culture.


The Naadic identity began with the nomadic tribes who would trade with each other utilizing Llama caravans. The tribes were left largely isolated with little contact with the people of Championis, and thus developed separately. Some time after the fall of Championis, the first naadic state emerges, the Holy Kingdom of Naador. Naador unified many of the Naadic tribes, although some tribes, most notably the Maerši, remained nomadic for a while longer, before eventually settling Urukobal in Naebaru.



Naadic people traditionally speak the language of Naadu'ul as a first language. The language evolved from Uardu'ul (Old Naadu'ul), which is characterized by it's more abrasive and guttural sounds, many of which are either refined, or entirely absent in the modern language. The prominence of Overworld Common has seemingly not posed any threat to the language, as Naadu'ul has always been regarded as key to the culture at large, and nearly all literature within the country is either in the language, or a guide for learning the language. Signs of the language spreading has been seen in bordering countries, most notably in Shaxia.

Naadic diaspora

After compounding political turmoil, most notably the abdication of Paarm on November 3rd Year 6, many Naadics left their homeland and settled the then-barren southern continent. Drakaniru, led by Acethedragon, son of Paarm, and the settlement of New Astria, led by Lani_Ka, former Grand Chancellor of Naador.