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After joining Elgeis on September 18, 2019, MTJNC joined Rhett under the Sylvian Union the next day. In Rhett, MTJNC resided in the house of a previous player and began a career w

MTJNC joined mid-September of 2019, joining Rhett and taking residence inside of a past player's house. After renovating the house, he gained fame for a small startup selling drugs and potions, mainly speed. Shortly after, he got into brewing alcohol, growing his business more and more. His first location was MT’s Tavern, which has a disastrous opening. Eventually, the business expanded, opening another location in Goomlandia. Realizing the potential of his work, MT soon started The Cartel. He now has locations several more locations, those including: the Erjans Tavern, Claps Tavern, and the Coal Café. His most recent project is the city of Rapture, an underwater city by Tropical Rhett. MTJNC became tired of stagnation in Rhett. In early-November, he decided to join HUM. His projects came with him and he stayed as an honorary citizen of Rhett. In HUM, MTJNC became the Director of Rapture and Chancellor of the HUM bank. His main project was constructing the new and improved HUM vault. After his fallout with Imakoopatroopa, MTJNC soon became the Commissioner of Foreign Intelligence. After this he became the Consul of Sylvia for a period of just over 2 months.