Montrosian Production Emporium

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The Montrosian Production Emporium (MPE) is a production facility which aims to produce every resource found in-game, that can be produced passively. The MPE serves as a "living seed bank", providing public access to each type of crop and livestock for individuals to found their own farms. It also works to discourage monopolies over agricultural materials, as was the case with jungle saplings for several months.


At the MPE's founding, it was deemed that the only place in the vast lands of Montrose suitable to such an endeavor was the exact location of the ruins of the original home of the then-defunct Dark Forest Investment Co., one of the oldest buildings on the map. Appalled at the prospect of bulldozing a historical monument, GoatWhisperer of HUM pleaded with Header FlyingGMM of Montrose not to do it, and when pleading didn't work, offered to purchase the building from him, and when that fell on deaf ears, offered to simply pay him to build it anywhere else, swampland or otherwise, in the vastness of Montrose's wilderness. The Header would hear none of it. As a final act of leverage, GoatWhisperer threatened to fine FlyingGMM from his bank holdings for destroying such a structure of common cultural heritage. FlyingGMM responded that he would gladly pay the fine, destroyed the ruins of the original home (to build a moderately identical building in its place) and tore down the gazebo to its right. FlyingGMM shortly thereafter had a slight change of heart and replicated the gazebo a few blocks away from the original spot. This brought great sorrow upon GoatWhisperer, and it's rumored that this traumatic event was what drove him to eventually develop his award-winning line of Goatwear Antidepressants.

As for FlyingGMM's part, he disputed the "historical" nature of the site, for a number of reasons:

  • The house was never lived in for more than a few days.
  • Dark Forest Investment Co. hadn't been founded when it was constructed or lived in. In fact, the house was abandoned when DFIC was founded.
  • Even at that time, the ruins of the house were no more than three months old.
  • The house was burned down sometime in the Middle Period. (Hardly more than a week after it was built.)
  • The "ruins" GoatWhisperer was trying so hard to preserve consisted of nothing more than a cobblestone foundation.