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MI Inc. is an organization which focuses on the development of proprietary technology.


MI Inc. currently consists of seven divisions. Publicly disclosed divisions include: R&D, Obsidian, Trading, MIzon, Sarcasm, and Pyrotechnics.


Chief Executive Officer


As the founder of MI Inc., MasterInventor was CEO until January 1, 2021. Most of MI Inc.'s proprietary technology was developed during this time.

Chipt I

After threatening MasterInventor with un-epic burrito time, Chipt I became CEO of MI Inc. on January 1, 2021.

Chipt II

As the son of Chipt I and Sunflame1155, Chipt II became CEO of MI Inc. after the death of his father and former CEO, Chipt I.



Although Banksy007's direct involvement in MI Inc. is mostly unknown, it was publicly announced that Banksy007 had at least 55% of outstanding MI Inc. shares at some point in time. Considering that Chipt currently owns 55% of outstanding MI Inc. shares, it is unlikely that this is still the case.


MI Inc. has an active R&D department with many completed inventions and other inventions being worked on. The current publicly known and completed inventions are as follows:

MI Inc. Exclusive Item Sorter

MaterInventor has previously hinted at owning designs for high-speed item sorters capable of about 70 items per second movement speed. Although no known copies of this sorter exist yet, MI Inc. has previously built Grooge64 an item sorter using an older design only capable of 50 items per second; this was built along with Sword Fountain™ for Grooge64.

Raid Farm

Built solely by Chipt I, MI Inc. has a functional raid farm southeast of Inquisition.

Sword Fountain™

On request, MasterInventor built a Sword Fountain™ for Grooge64 along with a high-speed item sorter under MI Inc.

Trident Saver 9000

MI Inc. built the Trident Saver 9000 for ArenaFest at the Grand Mesa Arena on July 19, 2020. The Trident Saver 9000 was built to save thrown tridents from burning in lava during the Grand Mesa Gladiator Meet. The materials needed to built it was donated by Grooge64 and the Trident Saver 9000 was built by MasterInventor.