HUM Trading Bazaar

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The HUM Trading Bazaar was a trading post constructed in Bagelonian lands by HUM Chairman GoatWhisperer.


In December 2018, The geographically-challenged Chairman GoatWhisperer of HUM set about constructing a trading hub called the "HUM Trading Bazaar" intended to be on the border between Bagelonia and Goomlandia. He believed the hub would be extremely profitable thanks to its opportune position. Further, being a wealth center with lots of traffic, GoatWhisperer hoped the bazaar would grow a center of development around it, and would serve not only as a source of economic stimulus but as a unifying community center in the then-fledgling Eastern continent.

The trading bazaar's construction had been completed and the complicated redstone trading mechanisms designed and installed when GoatWhisperer discovered that the trading hub was, in fact, deep within the territory of Bagelonia and nowhere near the Goomlandian border. In light of the unfortunate circumstance, a road (right) was constructed to

The dock at the end of the HUM Trading Bazaar mesa road. The road extended from the HUM Trading Bazaar westward to what the Montrosians call the East Sea, cutting through the Bagelonian mesa with HUMmian claim.

connect the bazaar to the ocean so that the hub would at least be somewhat accessible. HUM claimed the small stretch of road as well as the bazaar itself as sovereign HUMmian territory. This action has often been decried as imperialism, but despite global condemnation Bagelonia did not take action against HUM for the incursion. The trading hub survived to exchange another day, and despite the setbacks a bright hopeful future of Eastern commerce was imagined for the plucky little waystation.

However, trade never would come to the bazaar-- a single sale was made to FlyingGMM, but otherwise the trade mechanisms' hoppers were only used as trash bins by passersby. Vandals stole the item frames which depicted items available for sale, and aesthetics like bushes or flowers surrounding the bazaar were torn down and taken away. The mountainous terrain of Bagelonia separated the bazaar from the Goomlandian citizens HUM hoped to trade with. Its inaccessible location meant it would never become a well-traveled location, much less become the community center it had aspired to be, and thus the HUM Trading Bazaar slowly faded from the memory of Westerners and Easterners alike-- languishing as an unutilized waste of HUMmian resources, engineering, and effort.

The HUM Trading Bazaar's doors were closed until further notice in April 2019 as one of Chairman GoatWhisperer's last acts in office. The building was sealed with signs denoting the building as "Condemned" and thanked patrons for supporting HUM with their business.

The Bazaar and the land it was on was given to Bagelonia after about 2 months of its closing, the former bazaar was later renovated and turned into a home for Bagelonian villagers, to stimulate trade within the region.