Goatwear Industries

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Goatwear Industries, commonly called Goatwear, is a multi-industry conglomerate owned and operated by GoatWhisperer. It is headquartered in Properpolis, the capital city of HUM. Originally a business concerned with the design and sale of novelty and luxury clothing goods (thus the name), the business has since grown to encompass a legal practice which held numerous notable legal scholars from around the world as consultants, a metaphysical research division specializing in alchemical alterations of objects and individuals, pioneer engineering in automated trading technology, the sale of niche international literature, and most recently a record label which has published numerous historical songs as well as original works.

Many of Goatwear's products have custom textures, sounds, etc., requiring the use of resource packs for the full experience. The latest resource packs published by Goatwear are listed below: