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I just have a weird mining style - Danzr5


Banned on January 18, 2020 for x-raying, Danzr5 was invited by Mejackmac on January 10, 2020. Shortly after joining, Danzr5 created the nation of Costa Rica on January 15, 2020. It had a small hut in its claimed territory and did not see much development in it's short lifespan.


Danzr5 was banned for x-raying on January 18, 2020. Despite originally denouncing all allegations, Danzr5 admitted to his sins soon after getting banned. Although his time on Elgeis was officially over, he became a thorn in both the community and the staff's back as he would constant beg to be readmitted and sometimes join the discord server using an alt account. Furthermore, Danzr5's only self-proclaimed redeeming factor was having not used a hacked client in four months!