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Iskallia is a country founded by MithicSpirit that has merged into Goomlandia.

As a political entity

Independent country

The Khanate of Iskallia was founded on February 3, 2019 by MithicSpirit in the former southeastern corner of the map. The name was inspired by the Minecraft YouTuber Iskall85.

Territory of Goomlandia

Iskallia merged into Goomlandia on June 17, 2019 due to summer duties. Although much of the territory Iskallia formerly owned has since been lost, the region around The Tower of Iskallia™ v1.1 SE has remained in Goomlandia.

As a region

The Tower of Iskallia™

The Tower of Iskallia™ refers to tower inside Iskallia in which MithicSpirit has resided for his entire life on the server. Currently, only one such tower exists.


The Tower of Iskallia™ v1 was originally an Icedale trading post before MithicSpirit claimed it as his home upon the creation of Iskallia. It was updated to v1.1 when he renovated the exterior, replacing the cobblestone with stone brick and altering some of the texturing. Later, in October 2019, Brokate built a rib cage around the tower (still present) and a skull on top (no longer present) out of bone blocks, updating it to v1.1 Special Edition. The tower is still on v1.1 SE to this day, though some minor internal and external revisions have occurred since the bones were put in place.


The Tower of Iskallia™ v2 is currently being planned by MithicSpirit. It will be built in another part of Iskallia (instead of replacing The Tower of Iskallia™ v1.1 SE) in order to preserve the historical building.


While Sparkytown is inside of Iskallia geographically, the structures there are not considered to be of Iskallia.

The Church of Iskallia™

The Church of Iskallia™ is effectively a joke religion created by MithicSpirit to have a religous excuse for despising Brainstem. It is on v2.0 and only has two tenets: that Endermen are bad and that slime (all forms) is good. In v1 it included that diorite is also bad due to it looking like bird poop (which was also inspired by Iskall85) for some time but this was changed on January 16th, 2021 due to MithicSpirit using a resource pack that alters diorite to look better.